Being Human

Hello again, my friends! Where has the summer gone? Since my last bit of musing here, I’ve been quite busy. I visited Lily Dale three times and was a featured medium on Canadian Weekend, served spirit at several Toronto churches, taught workshops on intuition and psychic development in Toronto and in New York, was named the Canadian correspondent for Psychic News (a Spiritualist newspaper published in England), argued election politics – both Canadian (Harper vs. Dion) and American (Hillary vs. the world)  – seen two children off to college and university, and valiantly tended rose bushes that, at times, seemed more temperamental than a bunch of unhappy cats.

Whew! Sometimes, it’s not easy being human!

Yet, in a way, I’m thankful for the hassles (a window installation company that cuts the doors the wrong size) and joys (my husband surprises me by making the bed) that life brings. You see, I enjoy being alive – even if it means occasionally getting stuck in rush-hour traffic next to a driver who’s blaring rap music from his radio. Being part of the hum of human existence keeps me grounded. And, more importantly, it helps me give better messages – because I know where our species is coming from.

I have a smile on my face as I remember that day, just a few weeks ago, when I thought I was woman enough to fix the toilet all by myself – and ended up flooding the floor and staggering upstairs in tears. (I wasn’t smiling then.) Or that time my son finished the milk carton and I couldn’t make the chai tea I was desperately craving that moment. Oh, unfair universe I felt like raving with my fists in the air, as if I was a character from some Shakespearean melodrama, How could you do this to me?

Life happens. Or, as John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.”

Still, these annoyances are minor compared to the real haymakers that life throws us. A sudden job loss, even though one’s position in the company appeared so reassuringly secure. The breakup of a relationship that had begun with such a feeling of promise, or a divorce that ends over two decades of marriage. A friend who, for one inexplicable reason or another, is no longer a friend. The death of one parent – or both.

I’ve tripped over each of these potholes while walking on my path of life, and I’d like to feel that I’ve grown and learned from each setback. Struggle has made me a stronger person, a more confident woman, a more tenacious business owner, and a more understanding medium. I have a better understanding of my clients’ difficulties, because my life has been difficult at times. I recognize the value of a family member or close friend, because I have lost both parents and many close friends: some because they have moved far away, some because their lives have diverged from mine, and others to illness.

And, like the people I feel blessed to know, I have looked for and – thank goodness, more often than not – have found the lemonade in the lemons. And even when things seem bleak, I refuse to stop believing in hope. Hope in the future is what makes us human.

So, add all these parts together – and a few more I’ve probably neglected to mention – and you can see that I’m as human as you are, and my life is filled with human minutiae. But what makes me different is my profession. I’m a psychic/medium when my clients call and during those times, when I speak during a session, it is spirits’ words that come through, not mine. My job is to “show up”, and to deliver their words as accurately as possible and in the most humane way I can. 

If you have any questions or comments about my work, or questions about any other subject relating to mediumship, I’d love to hear from you. Write me at mail @ , and please visit me again!


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