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I want to thank you so much for today. This was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this but have wanted to for so many years, I was soooo nervous. After hearing the recording several times a lot of things have been clicking. I am going to let it all settle and book another session in the near future! (Now that I realize there is nothing to be afraid of). SL (Mississauga, ON)

My beautiful daughter with killed by a drunk speeding driver two and a half years ago now. She was a month shy of her twenty-first birthday. As you can imagine the pain of her passing was nearly unbearable. It was then that I came across you quite by accident on YouTube. I was looking for answers. Your voice was calming and your convictions were strong and your messages were/are a comfort. We all want answers to things that sometimes are just not forthcoming but you got me through the early stages of my grief and for that I will be eternally grateful. CS (Bath, England)

I wanted to thank you for your videos on YouTube, I recently lost my beloved grandmother and your videos have greatly helped me feel much better about her passing. You’re such a beautiful soul I’m really glad people like you exist ? (MM, IG follower)

Thank you so much for meeting us today Carolyn! I’m really grateful to you and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am today. I’m really glad my soul guides directed me to your YouTube channel. It feels like I have a new purpose to follow now. Thank you once again for doing what you do! I hope to see you again soon   AB (India)

Thank you so much for meeting us today Carolyn! I’m really grateful to you and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am today. I’m really glad my soul guides directed me to your YouTube channel. It feels like I have a new purpose to follow now. Thank you once again for doing what you do! I hope to see you again soon A. B (India)Your video clip, which is dated April 7, 2021, is one of authenticity and respect for self-worth. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your pathway to why you do what you do, each day. Your voice positively impacts more people than you realize. Peace & Blessings.MH (Phoenix, AZ)

Interestingly this evening I was reading on raising your vibrational level and how love plays a major role in it.  Your presentation this evening gave me a perspective I have never really appreciated until this morning. Thank you for this. I will employ this advice in all my future interactions with everyone I come in contact with. I’m so glad I’ve found you Carolyn you have really impacted my life for the better.  You truly are an earth bound angel helping all of us move forward to become better people living more spiritual lives.  Thank You!  DZ (Toledo, OH)

Hi Carolyn, I just watched your new You Tube video, the one about do our loved ones in spirit remember us.  I had been sitting here in my living room looking at my Father’s photograph (he passed 2 years ago) and I was in tears because I still miss him terribly. Anyway, eventually I got up to get something, then I sat down at the computer and I could have sworn I heard him say (in my mind) “Come on, cheer up. Why not see if Carolyn has put a new video up?”. So I went onto You Tube and you had in fact put it up perhaps 3 minutes ago!!  BT (Sydney, Australia)

I’ve subscribed to your videos and must say I love you and your work these past few months. I’ve felt some relief and peace watching all of your videos Big hello and respect from the UK.  SW (Lancashire, UK)

Your videos on YouTube  are a so refreshing, inspiring and are so simple to understand. I appreciate that…thank you.  Please keep up the amazing work. I hope you realize that you help so many people like myself around the world bring simple clarity and hope …thank you once again.  (WBb South Africa): 

Just expressing gratitude and appreciation. Latest video [The Purpose of Soul Progression] very much hit an inner mark with me. Tears spontaneously! (P.J.T., London, UK) 

I just want to tell you I am very happy to find out you are a real psychic. I have been in contact with the other dimensions by the side of Marcello Bacci and Cerchio Esseno. What you say corresponds to what our loved ones and guides says directly through the radio. What a nice feeling to know you abilities are real in a world of fake channeling. God bless you. F.B. (New Zealand)

G.J.:  Hello Carolyn, thank you for all the information you have made public through the internet, your video clips are very interesting, they have enriched my interpretation of human life and the purpose of being on Earth. My best wishes for you, may your work make you feel deeply fulfilled in your heart, thanks for doing it.

I just became aware of Carolyn a few months ago. As a man that has studied the Bible along with a myriad of ancillary related books over many years she was able to answers questions that have nawed [sic] at me for many years.   I am so thankful I found her. I look forward to every one of her YouTube videos she makes.  She has given the greatest comfort and has settled my spirit completely. I am so thankful for my discovery of her. If I was able to drive I would visit her in a minute.  If you are ever in Toledo Ohio Carolyn it will be a date. I would love the opportunity to speak to you and be able to dig those golden nuggets of truth from you. You will never know or understand how you by your answers have changed my life. You indeed are an Angel that has given me something I’ve been looking for for years.   May God bless you and your family. (DZ Toledo, OH)

K.J.: I just had to connect with you, as I enjoyed your videos so much! Everything in your videos are so spot on, as I have heard from other mediums the same things.

M.P.: What an absolute pleasure it is to contact you. I saw your videos on You Tube and all that I can honestly say is ” you’re amazing”. You’re psychic abilitis [sic] are unbelievable, but what I most impressed with is how you speak, with such a beautiful, gentle voice. Wonderful to see.

K.C.: Hi Carolyn ,I’ve been following you on you tube ,mysteriously you popped on my page, as I needed validation on some experiences I’ve been having ,I myself am a medium ,it’s so nice have found you ! I wish I had someone like you to share my experiences with of course there’s alot , [sic] thankyou [sic] for being there an answering questions that so many people have about the spirit world.

S.K.: God Bless You.Keep doing what you are doing.You are helping a lot of people.I love your videos.Thank you.God Bless You.

A.L.: Dear Carolyn, I really enjoy watching your youtube [sic] videos, they relax me and make me feel very peaceful. You are very kind and sincere. Thank you for sharing.

C.C.: I really, really love your work and your overall energy as a person. I plan on energetically “modeling” myself after you a bit, because you seem so introspective, wise, loving and most importantly, at peace with who you are. That “naturally kind” vibration you have isn’t something I’ve witnessed much in my life, and I know I need to express it to be the best me.

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… you did a lovely, clear reading and communication from a friend/neighbor of mine, Jack, who died 5 or 6 weeks before. … Jack came thru very clearly and he mentioned for me to be careful of my front top teeth on right side, might cause me a problem. Lo and behold, my front dental crown, the right one cracked into pieces a few weeks ago. … I thought I would let you know and thank you again for what you do to help both sides of the veil to communicate with one another. It is an amazing gift to have. MS, Cork City, Ireland

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional service you provided during our session. In the aftermath of our encounter, I have found solace in revisiting the recording of our discussion. The profound message you conveyed has endowed me with renewed fortitude to confront my profound loss. Hence, I felt compelled to take a moment to convey my sincerest appreciation and to offer words of encouragement as you continue to dedicate yourself to this remarkable vocation. DW (Taipei, Taiwan)

Thank you so much for our session earlier this week, close on the heels of my mom’s passing. You were amazingly spot on with your interpretations of my Mom’s signals to you. I really did feel as if she was speaking through you. I felt as if she was looking over your shoulder. Her description of her current existence, and how happy and satisfied she was where she has found herself was awfully reassuring to me. MA (Toronto, ON)

I cannot thank you enough for connecting me with my passed loved ones today. Without any information beforehand you’ve been spot on with lots of things you couldn’t have known. You brought not only me, but my family lots of joy and comfort, that our loved ones who passed to spirit are with us on daily basis and look after us . Some stuff you brought up during reading I did not quite understand, but after speaking to my family members, they confirmed they knew what you were talking about! Which felt amazing and extraordinary! Thanks to you today was filled with love,happy tears and reassurance that we never say good-bye, only see you later…. What an amazing gift you have! I’ll be coming back for more when the time is right. MK (Leeds, UK)

Thank you so very much Carolyn for the session this morning. I was stunned at the accuracy of your connections, and it was both very healing and helpful. I’ll be booking a follow up session not because you didn’t do a fabulous job but just because my brain was so delightfully surprised that it wasn’t working the best lol. I’ll come prepared to the next session with questions. RC (Kitchener, ON)

I am absolutely overwhelmed by your level of guidance, which is the kind of spirituality that I needed to move “forward” in life, understanding the intersection between medicine and God (and, the law, too). Thank you again, I know you will understand just how much your help is/was valued. I knew/know it would resonate, but did not expect it to be so accurate. SF (Montreal, PQ)

When someone brings joy to other people, they should be told. After my session with you last Tuesday, I felt like a big black cloud was lifted from my spirit. I listened to the recording and everything fell into place. There’s an expression: I’ve got my groove back. Just want to let you know that you’ve done some real good. (GK, Toronto, ON)

After our session, I felt a calmness and ease and an assurance that he is with me that I had not felt since his passing. SH (Cleveland, OH)

…we had a session recently where you helped me with my career issue, which was extremely helpful and very much appreciated! You helped me think about the ways to present my business plan. … After my presentation, I was promptly put as a lead on two projects! The session helped me feel more in control, hopeful and focused. Thank you very very much! … Carolyn, you have been such a blessing. … Life is complex and some situations can be intricate and your perspective from the Spirit world kept me grounded, optimistic and productive, for which I am very grateful. (M.C. Toronto, ON)
Just wanted to thank you for the reading today like I have said before you are “The Real Deal” I’m lucky to have found you site and wish you the best. WR (Laceyville, PA)
I had reading almost week ago. That was my first one and was awesome. Thank you for bringing my dad, sister and mother-in-law. I really needed to know that they are ok.  Everything you said and described was 100% accurate. I am so grateful for your help. I got exactly what I needed also my mom and my husband.The entire experience blew me way. I know this was my first reading ever, but not the last one….and how you said “I will ask you dad to show up on your security cameras again”…..and he did the night after the reading. I was speechless!!!!! Thanks again for your hard work on our beautiful Earth. Your messages made the whole family happy and hopeful. You are real Angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! (NG, Rochester, NY, USA)
Thank you so very much for our wonderful session yesterday. Felt so amazing to feel so close to Baba again, you have an incredible gift that I was honoured to be apart of.  In a short time you made me feel ever so comfortable and relaxed, you really do have a lovely centred manner. Thank you for all your help and advice to, I look forward to reading your recommendations. LE   Wolverhampton, UK
Thanks again Carolyn. You have helped lift a burden off my shoulders, and given me a sense of peace.  Your ability to ‘read’ my family is incredible and I almost want to welcome you to the family. None of the relatives come close to understanding this complicated family.  Thanks again, and all the best. QC (Scarborough, ON)
Thank you so much for your response ❤❤❤.  I love your responses, you are straight and to the point, unlike the other channels that give you a lot of verbiage and then answer the question.  I respect you tremendously! Thank you for all you do to help guide us through this life and gaining an understanding of what happens when we pass.❤❤❤ LG (Beaverton, Oregon)

That was an awesome reading.  I got so much from the half hour.  It was concise, informative and my questions were answered even though I didn’t pose all of them of you. Thank you so much.  It’s a real gift to help people like me understand, forgive and move forward.  EM (Mississauga, ON)

First, I wanted to thank you for the reading you did for my boyfriend. In the almost three years we’ve been together, he’s always talked about his uncle and nearly always tears up. After the reading he was astounded. He said that he didn’t initially believe that our loved ones in the afterlife still pay attention to us, but after the reading he was convinced. Thank you (and your spirit guides) for helping to bring his uncle and his mum’s messages forward, and for the hope and contentment that followed. Z K-M (Toronto, ON)

About two weeks ago I had a most accurate and eye opening reading with Carolyn Molnar.  I know the sign of a great reading because I’ve only had three in my life that I’d say were spot on, and this was definitely one of them.  Carolyn’s insight and knowledge of what would most help me spiritually remained with me through many days after the reading.  Every day during my meditation, some insight or revelation she’d spoken of would come to light and I’d sit there and process the information.  For me, after an effective session,  it takes a while to be able to process all that is said.  I can honestly say that the reading I had with Carolyn continues to reveal itself and assist me in unexpected ways as time has passed.  To this day,  I still think about it and find new insights. Thank you Carolyn.  CB (Los Angeles, CA)

Carolyn. Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. I am overwhelmed. I really needed to know she was ok so I could begin to relax a bit. You gave me that and much more. You brought my girl back to me.  Thx so much. HJ, Ontario

Carolyn I was so happy with my reading I forgot to say thank you SOOO much and what a blessing you are to me. I appreciate your time immensely. I’ve forwarded my sister our audio and I know she will be very impressed and contact you for a reading soon as. Thank you for all you do. Your [sic] amazing.  LT, Glasgow, Scotland

Everything you said was spot-on and I left the call with a warm heart, stronger and more prepared for life moving forward. After so much searching for a proper, serious and prepared medium I finally found you and I am so very grateful for your help. You are very genuine and with a true willingness to help those who come into contact with you.  I know we will be in contact again, in the meantime, I wish you well. ML, London, England

I truly sense something special in the way you share with others. I suspect it’s mostly a genuine spirituality and love for other souls. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I have investigated dozens of psychic-mediums and spiritual individuals in this, my 39th book research project. The genuinely and true compassion I sense from you has been unsurpassed in the course of this process. (MNS, Indianapolis, IN)

Hi Carolyn, just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing session yesterday morning.  The information you gave me was so helpful.  Your reading was so accurate and so insightful.  You truly have the gift.  The time went by so fast.  I wish we had more time.  Thank you for sending the recording.  You really need to listen to it a few times to get the full impact of all the info you passed on.  So thank you again and I look forward to contacting you again in the near future.  MF (Toronto, ON)

I am so deeply appreciative to have discovered you and to have honoured my intuition and taken the time to connect with you.   Thank you so much!  I pondered my questions for a few days before our session and I did actually wonder what is my life purpose is for this last stretch.   I’ve considered myself a lifetime learner and the zest and motivation were sparked in THIS MORNING’S SESSION.  Score Carolyn and spirit team.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!     BL (Vancouver, B.C.)

thank [sic] you for that reading today me [sic] and my sister listened to it again and were amazed how you could know and feel so much.. We have had many readings but not like that..    MC (New Hartford, NY.)

Your guidance helped when my mother passed away! You told me that I would see a blue jay with my son and the day after I put my mother’s house up for sale in October, I was outside with with my son and this loud bird was making a lot of noise and sure enough it was a blue jay!!  It was a very special moment!! I just wanted to let you know that when you gave me a another reading you said a young widow was coming through.  It didn’t click that day, but it was my favourite Aunt that passed away; my Uncle died so many years ago that I wasn’t even thinking about him. So thank you very much!  CP (Brampton, ON)

I’m so grateful we found you.. I got exactly what I needed yesterday … god [sic] bless you!  AG (Thornhill, ON)

Good morning Carolyn, I’m so glad you contacted me. I heard you give a heart felt talk for the Spiritualist Church in Lily Dale and also give some wonderful readings. As well you have helped a few of my friends who had a healing session with you. I love what you are doing and that you are helping so many of us and our children (heart hugs).   Patti May (Helping Parents Heal Affiliate Leader, Ottawa, ON)

Must tell you that you “scored” again, Carolyn. At our class party at the end of the June, you told me my son should apply for a scholarship or some other opportunity offered to him because he would probably get it. At the time, I thought, “Well, I know he just graduated and no one offered him anything, although he did really well.” The next day, he came home and told me that a professor in a research lab was scouting him to be his lab manager. He had interviewed several people, but kept thinking of my son for the position. He was called in for the interview, he got the job, and he starts Monday. So Carolyn, you were right on once again – and you should know it! TW (Toronto, ON)

I would just like to personally thank you for your time and giving us a little closure with the loss of those we’ve loved. I’m so happy you recorded it so I could hear myself what was said. You made my mom very happy and brought me to tears. I’ll definitely be booking another appt for myself. Until then, I wish you all the best.  DL (Scarborough, ON)

I’m still so excited after my session yesterday (July 19th).  You are truly blessed with the gift of mediumship.  I’m touched by the relevant and accurate messages you delivered.  Your session provided comfort to a mind that needed the connection with my Mom and Dad.  You understood my Mom clearly and delivered her messages that I’m so grateful to have received.  I’m certain now that spirit lives on. Thank you again, and again.  MR (Markham, ON)

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me today. The entire experience blew me away.  Far more powerful than I had anticipated it could be!  What a gift to feel and understand my Mum has really been giving me the signs I thought she had and not just in my imagination. KH (Toronto, ON)

I was a skeptic the first time I met with a medium and through the reading I quickly realized there was no question. It was a phenomenal read. The accuracy in minute details is proof beyond any doubt that there is life after here. I tell people that there’s no way for me to describe the joy and feeling of knowing you are hearing from the other side.  LC (Toronto, ON)

Thank you Carolyn…….for recommending comfrey tea to remove the ulcer on my canary’s foot. After two weeks, the ulcer disappeared and “Harmony” returned to her happy self…….singing along with her boyfriend canary “Apricot”.  SR (Toronto, ON)

I would like to take this time to thank you so much for the session we had. I have never had this peace in me for such a long time. I have a new strength and happiness in me since I saw you. With sincere gratitude, MK (Toronto, ON)

I want to thank you deeply for sharing your incredible gift with people. I appreciate the guidance and your honesty with even not-so-pleasant information. Your support with spirit is truly helpful and healing – I’m ever so grateful. The issue with my family has been life long, and I was coming to a point where I didn’t know how to proceed as I feel I have done all I could to help, and to cope. Thank you for confirming that I am on the right track, and I will continue to implement strategies spirit suggested. More things are coming together for me as I process this session with you. TB (Oshawa, ON)

I want to take a moment to ‘thank you’ for your friendship and for being an awesome mentor to my sister.  She trusts and values you. You and Spirit have guided her through her darkest hours over the past three plus years.  Through your messages, you have also reunited her with her mom and dad and brought my sister out of the ‘ashes of abandonment and loss’ to peace and understanding.  She has shared with me that when it is her turn to cross – she will be excited to see them again because she misses them.  She has been able to give her feelings a voice.  This could not have happened without you.  I cannot thank you enough… – EJ (Markham, ON)

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing you “in action” last Friday in Whitby.  I was very impressed with your abilities, and even moreso with how you use your gifts in the service of others to bring them healing and peace. You’re like a wide bridge to the other side, and you are so good at stepping aside to let those who need to come through do so. Your words are impeccable and clear, and there isn’t a trace of ego in what you do or say.  It was truly wonderful to witness this, Carolyn.  I am very blessed to be learning from you. – TW (Whitby, ON)

I was floored when you contacted the spirit of my brother, and asked if had a sense of humour that was… well, different. I had asked what his journey to the other side was like, and who was there to meet him. You said his reply was, “Well, you’ll never guess, but mother was here,” and then, “But I wish my car had met me.” Well, that car was the last thing on my mind. You see, he had purchased a brand new expensive car, yet was only able to drive it a couple of times prior to his passing. I think that him saying this was his way of closing down any doubts that might have been in my mind about him being present in spirit, and opening up the door fully to seeing that spiritual reality, and I thank him dearly for that. 

Let me now tell you of something else you had mentioned in our reading last November – my meeting with a surgeon. You gave me a date for this meeting around January 9th, 2012. When I called for an appointment, the doctor at first said Jan 4th, because he was fully booked, but then said something like the 17th, and then the office booked me for January 10th!!! And you said I would be prescribed a second pill – well, the other pill for my thyroid may be a calcium pill, yet the doctor said that would be determined after the operation. These are just two incidences of the amazing accuracy of my reading.   

Like many others who have had a tiny tiny bit of apprehension about having a reading, my doubt is completely gone. I have complete faith that I, with the help of my guides, family and the source of my being, will accomplish that desire to serve others in the manner that we spoke about. Blessings to you your guides as well as mine, but most of all to that great healer the Christ and our one true God.   RR (Bolton, ON)  

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session. You gave my friend and I such wonderful confirmations from our loved ones that have passed. I almost did not recognize the spirit person who came through – the little mongoloid girl – but I am so glad I did, because it was my little sister I had never met coming through, as well as my Mom. They gave you the numbers 8 and 14 and at the time they did not mean anything, but later that evening I did figure it out; these number are my living sister’s wedding anniversary date.  She was married August 14th. My friend also confirmed her number upon the reading of the picture of her son Kyle. You gave her 17 and the picture was taken when he was 17 years old. I brought Kim hoping for her to connect with Kyle and I received a gift from you and my loved ones. Just wanted to share the confirmations.  BR (Vaughan, ON) 

Your voice calms me, maybe because I connect it to speaking with my mom. I’m not sure you realize how much you have helped me through [difficulties]. You have a gift and you go well beyond that, I’m so lucky to have met you.  KC (Preston, ON) 

I have been meaning to call or email to say thank you for my session!  Although I was a little apprehensive at the beginning, meeting with you put my heart and mind at ease, and for this I am very grateful. Many of the things you said did take me a little time to connect but when I thought about it later, more and more of the information you gave was so true. It helped me make it through this very tough season called Christmas, and to know that my son in spirit was at peace was the most special gift of all.  VH (Cleveland, OH) 

I’ve waited almost six months before writing my testimonial, because I was curious to see what impact your reading would have on me. The result? You confirmed, with spirit’s assistance, what I needed to do career-wise.  I’m much happier and more at peace as a result.

Your connection with three people who have passed has helped me in extending important messages to family members, thereby assisting in much needed emotional and mental healing.  In addition, you gave me sage advice on how to improve my relationship with a family member.  Things are now back to how it used to be, thanks to spirit’s involvement.  I’m grateful for this. 

Aside from your outstanding professional work, I find you warm, generous and a very thoughtful soul.  Your honesty and compassion, during the reading, came through loud and clear.  I cannot help but want to be in your company. Carolyn, you are amazing.  Your reading and connection to spirit is inspiring.  Thank you.   SB (Toronto, ON) 

I had recommended to a young fellow that I work with that he might want to set something up with you for a reading. He did, and you “blew him out of the water”.  When he was talking with me about it, it dawned on him that you had asked about the name “Lxxx”. It didn’t ring any bells at the time,  then he realized it was probably me.   LH (Bolton, ON)  

I just wanted say thank you for the great tips on working with my gifts.  I have been asked to be the main guest on a tv show in the New York area in the fall and I’m so happy I took your class. I feel confident to be in a full room of people and do spirit-centered work!!  You two helped me a lot.  JL (New Jersey)  

You really have a beautiful gift that brings comfort and peace to many people I’m sure.  Your style was very relaxing and you created a very safe atmosphere for everyone. CA (Bolton, ON) 

Thank you for seeing my mother and giving her comfort after speaking to my father who passed two years ago.  You were very accurate with everything!  I was concerned that she would not find peace after the meeting but she did.  It all brought me comfort as well. There were many things left unresolved that I didn’t know how my father felt about me.  Thankfully it still came through that he is still my friend.  I speak to him daily and now my son sees him, as confirmed at my mum’s session.  GV (Toronto, ON) 

I just want to thank you so much for today. I think the universe divined today. I feel 100% better about life. I needed today to connect me with my beliefs again and to realize that life only has good things in store for me. Your peaceful energy calmed me and made me put everything in perspective.  JC  

I spent the day with my Mom today, and told her that her sister came through to you on Sunday evening during our ‘meditation circle’.  My mom confirmed that she only had one sister (of 5) who had blue eyes, named Agnieszka, called Aga, for short, and she did have a stroke on the complete right side.  All items where confirmed.  She was pleased to hear of her sister again, and asked that I pass on to you a ‘thank you’ for the message.  DB

The knowledge that you shared at the “Granary” has continued to be a source of comfort, empowerment and hope in my life. I am continuing to develop my relationship, if that’s the right word, with my guides and feel more and more confident in my own intuition. I have had very clear and immediate messages from my guides and God and truly feel them around me.  ND

I just want to say a big thank you for the taping and the reading you did for me. You made me feel very comfortable and calm.  Before the session I was very nervous and did not know what to expect.  The session did help me a lot,  it made feel closer to my spouse and also my parents. The loneliness is a little more bearable….knowing that their souls are around me when I need them the most. That is what keeps me going day after day. FL (Etobicoke)

What a pleasure it was to work with you! Your professionalism and calm approachability, along with compassion and honesty were delightful! I greatly appreciated the sharing wisdom of my guides and your intercession on their behalf! MH (Toronto)

In a reading you told me my Dad was happy and dancing. I thought it was strange because he never used to dance.  Several weeks later I spoke with my niece.  She told me she just had a dream of my Dad,  and that he was happy and dancing.  I wanted to let you know about this wonderful reminder of my reading with you. MG (Toronto)

Thank you SO MUCH for the consultation; I have listened to the session a couple of times now and I am surprised at the myriad of emotions which run through me, and I realize that this is now a tool for me, for my own development, for growth, for forgiveness, for acceptance, for letting go, for moving on…  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! From the bottom of my heart.   MW (Scarborough, ON)

Thanks to YOU Carolyn….I look forward to returning…the experience lightened, enlightened and inspired me…thanks!   KH

Carolyn is a gifted and grounded healer.  The information and insights that she gave me were exactly the impetus that I needed to uncover places within myself that have begun to unravel my current mysteries and are leading me into the next part of my journey.  Caroline Dupont, M.Sc, RHN, Nia cert., EMF cert., President, Health & Beyond

Gracious and gentle, author and psychic medium, Carolyn Molnar’s soothing voice invites even the most fearful client to take a deep breath and relax.  Psychics and Mediums In Canada, Deborah Vaughan and Jean Porche, Dundurn Press, 2005 

Psychic Development and Mediumship Class Testimonials

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Carolyn, working and being taught by you was a highlight of my life. I am no longer hesitant to do the work and receive the messages that come when I am open to receive. S. dR

Thank you again for another edifying discussion and for modelling true mediumship so effectively for us. BC (Toronto, ON)

Just writing to express my heartfelt thanks for your presence in my life, Carolyn. I am humbled by and grateful for the ongoing transformation I am experiencing. My Guides are busy! Thank you for your compassionate leadership and insightful guidance. I am honoured to be your student. (EM, Toronto, ON)

I am very grateful for your mentorship over the years. I wish you and all my fellow classmates the very best. I am so excited for the future. You played a monumental role in my mediumship development and I am forever grateful. Thank-you again.You appeared on my journey when I needed you the most. (WD Vaughan, ON)

I am deeply grateful for your knowledge, gifts, and kindness. Your classes have transformed my understanding of my Self and my place in this world. E.M. (Toronto, ON)

I love your [psychic development] classes. They are always so helpful. SR (Vancouver, BC)

Wondrous  and transformative are just two adjectives to begin to describe your class, Carolyn. I am deeply grateful for your guidance and inspiration. (EM, Toronto, Canada)

Taking this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoy our classes and love having you as a teacher. What a great group, and what a great opportunity to become more receptive to Spirit. I feel blessed to be part of it. TW (Toronto, ON)

I love this class. I have thoroughly enjoyed being in your classes. My intuition and confidence has grown tremendously. The energy in the Mediumship class and the people are wonderful.  MB (Stouffville, ON)

Thank you for being such a wonderful guide and teacher.  You are a true example of doing service work with integrity and a business mind. I have learned a lot so far.

Thank you for your messages last night [during class]. I always look forward to class and truly enjoy each one.  The messages you delivered were so timely and touching. Both exuded love and a belief in me, faith. Faith that spirit loves and trusts me to do this work. How blessed we all are to have you to share and teach us to “lift the veil”. It really is a wonderful world. Thank you, Carolyn.  You are a gem.  KS (Toronto, ON)

Carolyn, you have been an outstanding teacher and mentor. I have truly enjoyed your classes, along with my classmates. You have helped me become a better, professional and confident Spiritual Medium, and it is my hope that I will grow my service over the coming years. Thank you.  NM (Lindsay, ON)

I would like to tell you what an absolute pleasure it has been to be part of your class. I enjoyed every minute of it from the meditations and fun activities to the class discussions. It was truly a great experience, one that I won’t ever forget. I learned so many new techniques and was able to really improve on my readings and build my confidence. You are such a gifted soul and what you are doing is so admirable. Keep up the great work.  WA (Scarborough, ON)

Last night was so much fun! I had a blast, we all did. I always look forward to our class every other work. I always learn something new and am left filled with more confidence and proof of spirit. Thank you for creating such an awesome class!  And thanks again, for all the tips you gave me on clearing the energy that i had attached to me. It really helped. I’ve been using those tips you gave me a lot and now I actually see my gatekeepers come in when I call on them. How cool is that? VA (Toronto, ON)

I think we all learnt so very much …You are indeed a gift to us …you bring us to be better in ourselves and in our Mediumship it is such a pleasure to be part of the class…and to be learning more than the mechanics…I feel I am learning the heart of being a Medium …It feels so good.  Makes me want to learn more and more….  Thank you.  AS (Toronto)

What I really enjoyed about Carolyn’s development classes was the opportunity to spiritually grow in the direction that was right for me, as an individual. It is delivered in such a way that each participant can glean the understanding and knowledge that is suitable for them at that particular moment in their evolution. One is always welcome to question and discuss any issue that is personally relevant. I highly recommend this course as a lively and meaningful tool on the pathway to spiritual growth.  BT (Toronto, ON)

As I reflected on yesterday’s demonstration and the terrific validation I received from the second person I read, I thought about how far I’d come in the 4 years of working with you. In the beginning, I didn’t know how to use my intuition and didn’t trust it – but now I’m comfortable enough to share my gift with others in a public forum.  As my spiritual coach and mentor, you have a wonderful way of supporting, nurturing and encouraging your students, and you definitely did that for me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do and being such an amazing lightworker in this world. Many, many thanks – with much love and gratitude, LC (Etobicoke)

I’ve been taking classes with Carolyn for almost 2 years, and she has guided me on a most enjoyable journey of discovery.  Through her depth of knowledge and compassion to share, I have grown and accomplished things I never thought possible of myself. With Carolyn’s help, I look forward to continuing my journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.   VS, Scarborough

The classes that I have taken with Carolyn over the last few years have been inspiring.  I have experienced a wonderful education in psychic training.  I knew [my] potential was there and she helped me grow and connect with Spirit.  BA, Toronto

Carolyn’s classes use very creative exercises that help you explore and trust your own psychic abilities.  Each week offers fascinating topics related to the spiritual realm, and time for open discussion leads to stimulating personal experiences.  It is simply one of the highlights of my week. RY (Newmarket, ON)

Carolyn’s teaching style and sense of humour are amazing.  Students are encouraged and empowered to speak their truth and give their messages.  Honour and compassion for all.  Thank you!  CB

Through Carolyn’s keen direction, I learned that I could sense what is unseen. For anyone who is interested in developing their psychic abilities, she is an excellent teacher with skill and grace.  CG (Toronto, ON)

Thank you again for today. You lifted my heart up and the messages you conveyed answered my deepest concerns at levels which I could not possibly begin to explain to you because there simply was not enough time!  I love you lots and hope you consider me a life long fan and colleague.  BP (Toronto, ON)

Carolyn’s psychic development class was key in helping  me unfold and explore my intuitive self.  I had many phenomenal experiences with the help of her knowledgeable guidance.  One activity that stands out is when we created our intuition boards.  I recently found this from October of 2006 and was amazed to see how it reflects my life.  The exercise had picked up on the man that I would meet 5 months down the road who is now the person that I am engaged to be married to!  It is amazing how the pictures reflect him: a dark haired man standing on a beach, the type of car he drives, his dog, his interests and hobbies, and a picture of a diamond engagement ring.  But best of all above these pictures, I had cut out the words “the real thing.”  And that it is, and so is Carolyn. DW (Toronto, ON)

The whole experience was invigorating. Carolyn is kind and compassionate and up there in her field of expertise with a great gift to serve others in the sense of gentle approach to introducing the “unspoken” to people who are looking for answers and in turn, realizing their own capabilities. And, yes I would go back for a level 2 [course]…as I am all about developing my psychic abilities.  SG (Bolton, ON)

Testimonials For Workshops

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It was a pleasure to meet you.  I certainly enjoyed listening to your presentation and for affirming that I am more intuitive than I thought!  One of the things that I came away with from the conference is that I do need to listen to my inner knowings and allow myself to be guided.  Thank you again for your presentation.  I know that our paths will cross again.  Blessings,  MW (Burlington, ON)

Testimonials for What?! You’re A Medium?!

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I found this book to be an enlightening look into the world of mediums. I wasn’t really a believer but have a lot of questions regarding the subject and this book was very educational for me. It taught me that having the gift of talking to the spirit world is not enough; that dedication to training and self improvement are part of the journey.  Carolyn explains this in this book. A lot of my questions were answered in this well written book and I now look forward to reading more on the subject. CP (Burlington, ON)

If you have ever been to a medium, ever wanted to advance your intuitiveness and mediumistic abilities or start practicing as a medium yourself you should get this book.  As an avid follower of the afterlife and being locked down for the last year due to the Covid, I have had the opportunity to read many, many afterlife books. I have read books by very good writers and unfortunately some very poor writers.  Carolyn Molnar is one of the very good writers.  Besides being easy and enjoyable to read, you get to really see the whole ball of wax from the medium’s side of the road. I would say also, as a supplement of the book, to check out her short YouTubes where she answers many questions that people have written in about. The answers are very informative and to the point. This book was a highlight this year to many of the books I have read.  DW, Buffalo, NY

Thank you for the very informative reading. You were right on as usual.  You answered all my questions that helped me understand some of the things from my childhood. I have just finished reading your new book What?! You’re a Medium?!.  I loved your book. I just could not put it down.  Very well done.  Hope you start another one soon.  Love and God Bless.  MT  Aurora, ON

Wonderful and surprising read of Carolyn’s journey to becoming a psychic medium. I did not know anything about her world and she answered so many questions I have. And I laughed. Thanks Carolyn for sharing your stories and advice on the perils and pitfalls of finding a sincere medium. You and Ben are natural story tellers. I think there is a movie there.  CO (Toronto, ON)

Testimonials for It Is Time: Knowledge From The Other Side

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I recently started reading Carolyn Molnar’s book, It is Time, and I must say that it is a must read for anybody wanting to learn about all things to do with spirituality.  As soon as I laid my hands on this book I felt its authenticity and power.  Because it  is written in abbreviated encyclopedia style, it is suggested in the introduction that we turn to subjects that we’re interested in.  The brief description of each topic is obviously channeled from a higher source, and, in my opinion, the content is eye opening if not altogether life changing.  Since picking up this book I have begun to incorporate the suggestions offered into my daily spiritual practice.  We are very fortunate that Carolyn Molnar has been chosen to channel to  us a piece of beautiful work that comes directly from the highest vibration. CB (Las Angeles, Calif.)

I had a great experience at your work shop. Came home with your book “It Is Time”. And I have not been able to put it down since. The read is an amazing experience for me. Truly, as if the “Other Side” is speaking to me. And I want more. I long to connect with my son and guides. And I am presently attempting to create more time and space for them in my life. It was very helpful for me to see and hear you connect with the spirits. Also, the communication exercises I found wonderful. To be introduced and guided to connect with others “heart to heart” is for me a precious occurrence, especially in a group.  SS (Belfountain, ON)

Testimonials for Compassionate Messenger: True Stories From A Psychic Medium

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Just read your book, Carolyn… Compassionate Messenger.  The story of the little boy lost between worlds in the Etobicoke home choked me to tears.  In an instant of love you united him with his mother ending suffering hearts.  Years of psychological counselling drains the heart and pocket book whereas a medium, I believe, can accomplish far more in a single moment of true love.  RG (Toronto, ON)

I was in Lily Dale for our annual children’s week visit and had a book signing at the bookstore. I went back the day we left to find something for my aunt and was immediately drawn to your book. This is how I often find myself, drawn to a book, over and over again, meant to buy it, never sure why, never looking for it. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out to be a “page turner” but I am so grateful I was drawn to yours. I LOVE it. I have two books in the Lily Dale bookstore as of July and I got so excited when I read your description of room 6 in the Maplewood. It is verbatim my description in my first book of my daughter’s and my experience year after year in room 5 (moving of furniture in the room above every night). I wanted so badly to tell someone of the correlation but I was in a doctor’s office waiting room waiting for my aunt and restrained myself 🙂 I would love to attend your workshop but having just been there, I’m just not sure I can do it. I wish you the best. – WK (Williamston, Michigan)

I came across your book Compassionate Messenger quite by accident. I became interested in psychic mediums and the afterlife after dealing with many personal losses, and have reached out to books to further understand. I have read everything from Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, John Edwards and Alison Dubois. All have given me a sense of ease at losing loved ones, but your book really hit home. It was so much more real to me. MR (Toronto, ON)

I received your wonderful book: Compassionate Messenger for Christmas, and I opened it right away and had a hard time putting it down to go to my daughter’s for Christmas celebrations. I read more when I came home last night and picked it up right after breakfast this morning and I have finished it!!  It was so awesome, I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  I have just ordered your book It Is Time.  I’m really looking forward to reading it.  I also look forward to meeting you at one of your seminars in the near future!!  Thank you. HK  (Barrie, ON)

I am writing to thank you for writing such a wonderful book on mediumship. It reads well and presents authentic experiences told from the heart. I really enjoyed reading it. I have also recommended it to my friend, who has some interest in the paranormal.  SD  (Toronto, ON)

I have been following your for the past few years and have read your book Compassionate Messenger. I was inspired and completely captivated by your insightful messages. After reading your book I a true believer and would like to tap into my own abilities. Thank you for all the comfort you provide to people. LB (London, ON)

Testimonials For The Meditation CD’s:

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… some feedback on your free meditation YouTubes that are on your website and recent newsletter. I pretty much used the first one (where it shows the pictures of the 3 stones) with the sound of waves in the background  and the spinning white tornado column , for my daily meditation for the psychic development classes.  I’ve used a lot of different guided meditations before but yours worked the best! DW, Buffalo, NY

Your timing couldn’t be better… I was having a chaotic start of my day, flustered, etc. I listened to all 3 meditations and I feel so much better, calm, relaxed and focused. Your voice is so calming :-).  B.K. (Appleton, Wisconsin)

…recently I got a meditation CD from you “Strengthen The Light Within” and although I have tried many meditation CDs this one has been different. Twice now since I started to listen to it, I have had (for the first time) an awakening I did not expect. I am a very spiritual person who connects daily with my spirit family, but somehow this was different. I felt totally with my spirit guides and when (in the meditation) it was time for them to go, well the tears just flowed- I didn’t want them to go! Now twice this has happened, but these tears are not the usual kind, somehow they were connecting me to my guides of which I am now aware I have four. I have the ability now to connect with them (as before I never did). I’m feeling so calm and at peace… A-C H., (UK)

I also wanted to thank you again for creating your cd’s. I have only needed back nerve blocks twice this year and always listen and meditate to your Manifest Your Destiny and other meditations. It is a great piece of work and have always meant to thank you. It means a lot to me and the words, your voice and all is just great.  BP (Oshawa, ON)

I began with the track “Meeting your spirit guides” – in lying position, because I was tired, and in less than 3 minutes my lovely cat was lying on my belly! He was very relaxed, and me too!  But it`s not only relaxing, it`s a very subtle energy, that comes in. I love these energies …!  Thank you very much.  AT (Germany)

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