Carolyn Molnar

Mother, Please!!

There are several reasons why the spirit of a loved one doesn’t present itself to me in a session. Usually, it’s because the loved one has passed into spirit very recently. Very recently. For example, if that person had succumbed due to a long, debilitating disease, the spirit may not yet have the energy to […]

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Too Soon?

As my session with Marcella began, I sensed a great void in her life. To me, that usually means either a deep, unresolved issue or the intense grief from the loss of a loved one. Before I could address that, Marcella wiped tears from her eyes, then confirmed her daughter had died just three weeks

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As I tuned into Emma’s energy, I was overwhelmed by the number of spirit people who wanted to touch in with her. I felt like I was walking into one of those big family reunions where everyone introduces themselves to you at once. I was hearing father… mother… brother… cousins… grandma… My goodness, I thought,



Paul’s email was a plea for help. He wrote that he had seen several psychics that, basically, told him the reason his life was difficult was because he was embracing a negative existence (whatever that means). Their words made him think the only way he could escape a harsh and ruthless life was to bank


Be Prepared!

A few days ago, I had back-to-back sessions that were as opposite as chalk and cheese. Reflecting on them later, I recalled the feature in the children’s magazine Highlights: “Goofus and Gallant”, which illustrated the wrong way and the right way to act in a situation. So, as a service to anyone considering seeing a

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Are You Ready?

During my Zoom session with Phyllis, a widowed mother of two, I connected to her late husband, Alan, who Phyllis recognized from the description I provided. Alan’s spirit was quite energetic; he had been a lawyer and a tennis player who came “this close” to qualifying for some sort of circuit. (Sorry, the only thing

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