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Please consult my Calendar to find out when these workshops are held in your area.

For a memorable experience, invite international medium Carolyn “Compassionate Messenger” Molnar for your next conference or live event. She is also available for media interviews and meet-and-greet experiences before or after each event.

On hiatus due to COVID. If there is enough interest in your area, Carolyn can bring these workshops to you. If you would like to contact me, please click here to be redirected to my contact page. Thank you.

1. Psychic Abilities (Level 1): Development Circle – Online

I give a series of 7 online 1.25 hour Psychic Development classes starting either mid-September (fall term) or mid-February (spring term) with Zoom. They cover psychic development which involves not only information about your guides and angels, meditations and signs from spirit but tools to help you develop your intuitive skills! All teachings help you become better connected to your spiritual self. Learn to work with your spirit guides and angels, enjoy meditating with a group, explore your inner knowing and practice giving messages to your classmates (and me!).

So, whether you live on top of a mountain, in the heart of a forest or halfway around the world, I’ll teach you how to develop your abilities through online classes using the Zoom platform. (Zoom is free – no need to purchase software. I can set it up for you.) You’ll still get the same quality of teaching, as spirit transcends the physical concepts of time and space.

2. Mediumistic Abilities (Level 2): Development Circle – Online

I give a series of 6 – 8 online 2 hour Mediumship classes starting either mid-September (fall term) or mid-February(spring term) with Zoom. A prerequisite for this class is extensive psychic development and prior training of your psychic abilities. Extensive knowledge on how to work with your guides to touch in with spirit is a must. Telephone interview for new applicants is a requirement.
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3. Spirit Inspired Messages

Join Carolyn as she provides messages from Spirit randomly for those in attendance. The event will begin with an introduction and then a delightful evening of spirit messages. While Carolyn tries her best to get messages to everyone, this is a spirit inspired event. Carolyn takes her direction from spirit. (Her job is to show up and be open to the process of mediumship.) Spirit decide how the event transpires. Thinking about your loved one(s) or reviewing pictures or mentally talking to them can help bring them closer to you. Click here and scroll down the page for testimonials.

For a memorable experience, invite international medium Carolyn “Compassionate Messenger” Molnar for your next conference or live event. She is also available for media interviews and meet-and-greet experiences before or after each event.

4. Manifest Your Mate

You can always get want you want – if you let the Universe know what it is you truly desire. In “Manifesting Your Mate,” take the first step toward making your wishes come true. This hands-on workshop will show men and women how to set their intentions to start bringing into their lives the romantic partner they’ve always dreamed of – and deserve to find!

Through a powerful meditation, you’ll begin to visualize the life you want. Learn to shift your thought processes to bring your love intentions into the realm of possibility. Then, using fun, creativity, scissors, magazines and glue (materials provided – bring your favourite magazines), create a manifesting board to tell the Universe what you want. Will it work? It did for me.

5. Manifest Your Destiny

You were born to this life for a purpose: Would you like to discover why? In “Manifest Your Destiny,” experience your soul’s awakening and see how that can make your goals come true. This workshop will show you how to harmonize your inner spirituality with your outer reality, so you can walk your life path with grace and confidence. Abundance and empowerment awaits you!

Here’s what you’ll experience in this innovative workshop: First, set your intentions through a dynamic meditation. Then, learn the steps toward spiritual attunement. Next, using fun, creativity, scissors, magazines and glue (materials provided, or bring your favorite magazines), create a manifesting board that will show you how to work with your higher self to manifest what you desire for a fulfilling life. It’s easier than you think!

6. Opening to Channel (Beginner level) – Workshop

This is an introductory course for people who are just starting to recognize their intuitive gifts. In this workshop you will be encouraged to recognize and to start developing clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. You will come away with a greater understanding of how they really work. Be prepared to give a simple reading to one of your class members! Carolyn will gently guide you through the steps to tap into your psychic strengths!

7. Enhancing Mediumistic and Psychic Abilities (Intermediate/Advanced level) – Workshop

This workshop is not for the beginner but is for those mediums/psychics who are ready to take the next step. Working the intuitive and psychic level requires direction, development and dedication. Getting in touch with your own energy to develop is part of this important step. This course will focus on client vs. spirit centred readings, what to ask of spirit when they come to visit, recognize which of the “clairs” is your strongest suit. We begin by discovering your strengths and weaknesses and help you work with them.

This course is designed mainly for those of you who already have a good working knowledge of their gifts and who are needing more confidence, or more time to allow your guides to work with you. The sole purpose of this course is to help students advance their level of mediumship and psychic ability to a higher level.

8. The ABC’s of Mediumship – Always Be Creative!

Whether you’re giving messages at The Stump, serving at Spiritualist churches, sitting with clients or just looking to develop your intuitive gifts, this fun, informative workshop is for you. We’ll practise the ABC’s of mediumship, from Achieving Believable Communication to being Active, Brave and Concise.

Students will also experience Abundance, Blessings and Clarity as they learn new techniques while refreshing and sharpening their skills. Class exercises and meditations will strengthen your inner light, so you can deliver Spirit-inspired messages with trust and confidence. We’ll also explore the difference between psychic and mediumistic readings, and practise message delivery techniques Carolyn learned in Canada, the United States and England.

9. Special Delivery: Taking Your Mediumship To The Next Level

The equation is simple: Evidence + delivery = proof of spirit and a memorable message that people will treasure. In this hands-on workshop for developing and advanced students, we’ll work on making our messages extraordinary. The goal: to deliver evidence in a graceful yet confident manner. Experience the differences between client-centered and spirit-centered message delivery. What can one form teach us about the other? And how can meditation improve message delivery?

Join Carolyn in this interactive seminar, where participants will practise their deliveries techniques within a safe and supportive environment. Boost your ability to better serve spirit. Learn more about your mediumship, and add new techniques to give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of your skills.

What we learn to do, we learn by doing. — Aristotle

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