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Carolyn Molnar, psychic medium and teacher with 40 years experience

  •  thousands of clients worldwide,
  •  YouTube channel attracts 16,000+ subscribers,
  •  wrote three books and released 3 guided-meditation CD’s,
  •  teaches classes and workshops on mediumship and psychic development across North America,
  • wrote, produced and directed her one-woman play, What?! You’re A Medium? at the Toronto Fringe Festival,
  • featured on VICE TV’s television series, Mr. Tachyon on the episode “Do Humans Have A 6th Sense?” ,
  • profiled in The Toronto Star, The National Post, and The Globe & Mail, and
  • North York Mirror readers voted her “Favourite Psychic” two years in a row.

She is eager to answer your questions about spirituality and is more than qualified to comment on mediumship and psychic development.

Learn More About Carolyn Molnar

Carolyn with Eben Alexander’s Book Signing

BOOKS (click for more information)

  • What?! You’re A Medium?!
  • Compassionate Messenger:  True Stories From A Psychic Medium
  • It Is Time:  Knowledge From The Other Side

CDs (click for more information)

  • Manifest Your Destiny
  • Strengthen The Light Within
  • Meditations to Deepen Your Spirituality

TV Appearances
(click for more information)

Mr. Tachyon:  On The Edge Of Science – Sixth Sense, Season 1 E: 1
The belief that humans possess beyond the traditional five, VICELAND TV with Director X.

The Director Behind Drake, Rihanna, & Kendrick Lamar’s Most Viewed Music Videos

Director X on “Hotline Bling’’’s virality, his fringe science Viceland series, and the one food Toronto should be known for  By: Noah Lehava.

YouTube Videos (click for more information)

Introduction to my second book, Compassionate Messenger:  True Stories From A Psychic Medium

From television personality Jennifer Valentyne’s Facebook page: “My mother and father have passed away, so we invited a psychic medium Carolyn Molnar to help connect us through the spirit world. Everything was raw and recorded in real time. The animals acted strange and the camera shut off by itself at a important moment.”

Monthly Blogs (click for more information)

Media Interviews (click for more information)

Testimonials (click for more information)

Seeking Reality with Roberta Grimes interview with Carolyn Molnar

Carolyn is interviewed by Sandra Champlain, We Don’t Die Radio 


“I’ve subscribed to your videos and must say I love you and your work these past few months. I’ve felt some relief and peace watching all of your videos Big hello and respect from the UK.”  SW (Lancashire, UK)


“That was an awesome reading.  I got so much from the half hour.  It was concise, informative and my questions were answered even though I didn’t pose all of them of you. Thank you so much.  It’s a real gift to help people like me understand, forgive and move forward.”  EM (Mississauga, ON)


Carolyn, you have been an outstanding teacher and mentor. I have truly enjoyed your classes, along with my classmates. You have helped me become a better, professional and confident Spiritual Medium, and it is my hope that I will grow my service over the coming years. Thank you.”  NM (Lindsay, ON)


“Just read your book, Carolyn… Compassionate Messenger.  The story of the little boy lost between worlds in the Etobicoke home choked me to tears.  In an instant of love you united him with his mother ending suffering hearts.  Years of psychological counselling drains the heart and pocket book whereas a medium, I believe, can accomplish far more in a single moment of true love.”  RG (Toronto, ON)


Awards (click for more information)

  • “Certificate of Appreciation”, Mississauga Chapter of National Guild of Hypnotherapists
  • “Readers Choice Award, Favourite Psychic”, North York Mirror
  • “Accredited Worker (Clairvoyant)”, Spiritualist Church of Canada
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in French, Brock University

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