My Reading With Victoria

It was an interesting switch: Me being on the other side of the psychic’s desk (figuratively). For Christmas, my husband gifted me a telephone reading with Victoria Laurie – one of my favourite novelists, and a psychic to boot. One of the reasons I like Victoria’s Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye series is that the main character – a psychic detective – is written realistically, not played for laughs. Plus, the novels are filled with little nuggets of wisdom that explain things like meditation and clairsentience in ways that a reader who’s unfamiliar with the terms will understand.

It had been years since I had a reading. The last one was so awful – a Lily Dale registered medium who giggled all the way through our half hour – that I realized, Why should I pay someone to tell me what I can intuit myself?
(Actually, giving yourself a reading is very difficult, because ego keeps getting in the way. No one wants to admit they’re behaving in a silly manner. Besides, I think I’m a very hard person to read for. Or is that my ego getting in the way?)
Before the session, I went to Victoria’s website and read all her do’s and don’ts to prepare for the reading. It was heartening to see that a lot of what she advises her clients is similar to what I say on my site to prepare clients for reading. I gave her three cheers for telling people not to book another session for at least six months after the initial reading; that shows she doesn’t want clients to waste their money by getting another session after a couple weeks, where they’d probably hear the same information.
Plus, I liked her asking clients to come prepared with questions beforehand. I encourage clients to come with questions so I can better focus on specific things in a client’s life. It helps to keep the reading from becoming general.
And most importantly, she gives people a 48-hour window to cancel sessions, and will not refund pre-payments for skipped or missed appointments on the part of the client. Bravo! That told me Victoria is a serious businessperson who values her time and expects others to do so.
Just like I do.
As the days got closer to my session, I became more excited. I was looking forward to be read for, which is something that doesn’t happen very often when I’m in a circle with my students or at a Spiritualist church. Hey, I like messages, too! And now I’m about to get a whole 30 minutes devoted to my life.
At the appointed time, Victoria called, and we chatted for a few moments like friends. She seemed very open and engaging. Her delivery was enthusiastic and she presented the information she was receiving with positive words.
She was spot-on when she referred to projects I was involved with, and then gave me some personal bits I’ll have to think about. One head-scratcher was she saw my husband taking up fishing. Perhaps she was referring to the fact that his astrological sign is Leo, and constantly fishes for compliments.
But points to her for never walking back anything she gave, regardless of the reaction. She stuck to what spirit was giving her, not to what the client was saying. That was the right thing to do. And – who knows what might happen later? Hubby might surprise me one day by coming home with a rod and reel and hip-high waders.
All in all, I enjoyed the session. It was nice re-learning experience, to see how the other half works. Every psychic and medium needs to feel like an excited client now and then. It helps to remind us that the person on the other side of the desk – or at the other end of the phone – is just as human as we are.
And in the meantime, I’m looking forward to the next Abby Cooper book.
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