When Jeanette sat down for our session, I felt nothing. That was odd, because usually I start to feel spirit the moment someone walks into my office – it’s as if my client’s spirit people are so overjoyed that they’ll be connecting with their loved ones on this side of life, they can’t wait to start yammering into my inner ear. But with Jeanette, I felt zilch. What was happening?

I waited another few moments, then closed my eyes and centred myself. I said a prayer and asked my guides for help. But they, too, seemed out to lunch – or at whatever ethereal coffeehouse guides and gatekeepers hang out in while they’re waiting to work.

“I’m sorry, Jeanette,” I told the young woman with a blonde pixie cut. “I’m not getting anything. For some reason, we’re not connecting. Let me refund your money.”

Jeanette sighed, and seemed more downhearted than when she’d first arrived. “Well, thank you for your honesty,” she said. “The other psychic I went to said my partner, Flora, wouldn’t come through because she was trapped. And I paid her $80.” Jeanette looked at the floor. “I hope she’s not in pain.”

“Don’t worry about that,” I said, and explained that pain is something of the body – we feel it when we’re in the physical. But the moment we pass into spirit and lose our physical body, then we lose any sensation of pain. A soul is energy, and energy can’t experience hurt.

“When did Flora pass?” I asked.

“Three weeks ago, from complications of cancer and diabetes.”

Hmmmm. I was beginning to understand the situation. “Was Flora very weak near her passing?”

“Very weak,” she said quietly. “And on heavy doses of morphine.”

“Jeanette, your partner’s not trapped, she’s just resting. When Flora passed into spirit, her energy was low. She needed time to recover and build up enough energy to be able to come through. It’s similar to when a person gets sick, and needs to lie in bed for awhile and recuperate. Tell you what – I’ll refund your money and if you decide to come see me again in, oh, let’s say three months, we’ll see if Flora is strong enough to come through.”

Again, Jeanette thanked me for my honesty and called in three months for an appointment. This time, Flora’s presence announced herself like the life of the party. Jeanette confirmed the information I passed her from spirit, and left feeling very relieved that her partner was pain-free and having a great time eating all the chocolate she wanted. (Diabetes doesn’t exist in the spirit world.)

In my 30-some years of being a medium, Jeanette was the only client I ever suggested should come back. Anyone who wants to rebook with me for whatever reason, I tell them to wait at least six months. Why? Because what new information would someone receive from their spirit loved ones a week or two later? Besides, I don’t want to be anyone’s psychotherapist.

I was reminded of Jeanette’s session when I recently read some articles in the Toronto Star exposing some phony psychics.  The author named them “Fortune Tellers”. Good for those reporters! Nothing makes me angrier than knowing psychic scammers are out there preying on people. They give a black eye to those of us who do our best to serve people and their loved ones in spirit. I average a couple telephone calls a month from people telling me their stories, about how they were duped by charlatans who told clients they needed to book eight or ten sessions at $200 each to remove a curse or attract love into their life. Unbelievable!

About four years ago I posted a blog on “How to Recognize Psychic Scams,” and it still gets hundreds of hits a month. Good! I want to educate people on how not to get fleeced by phony intuitives. Unfortunately, it takes only one charlatan to make the public question all of us who serve as psychic mediums.

I’ll just give you one point to let you know you’re dealing with a scammer – and I need to repeat this, because I was called just this morning by a woman who claimed to have lost $800 to a psychic who promised to find her a soul mate. Phonies like that aren’t interested in helping people, they’re only interested in getting more money from you.

No one can curse you – you can only curse yourself by believing that you’re cursed. Stop focusing on the negative things in your life – everyone must deal with adversity. As Barbara DeAngelis says, “We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”

The only way to bring love into your life is to love yourself thereby becoming a more loving person. What you are is what you attract.  Be the person you would like to have as your partner. That’s your homework, ladies and gentlemen. And I won’t even charge you $200 for the lesson!

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me at mail @ And please visit me again!

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