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My husband tells me the story of seeing his father’s spirit two days after the his funeral. He was in his parents’ house with his mother and siblings, when in the corner of his eye he saw his father walk down the first-floor hallway toward his parents’ bedroom. When my husband looked straight at the apparition, it was gone.

Years later during a reading, he asked the medium (not me – he hadn’t met me then) if that was, indeed, his father. After a moment’s pause, the medium answered, “Yes. He says he was confused.”

Confusion? Perhaps his spirit needed time to adjust to his new reality. My husband’s father had been a tried-and-true atheist, believing that life is just what you see and when it’s done, it’s done. Well, guess what. “It’s done” refers to taking the bread out of the oven, not our existence.

Spirit reveals themselves to us for many reasons. Sometimes, like in my husband’s case, they may not even be aware that they’re being seen. In other cases, they make their presence known, because it’s comforting to us on the Earth plane.

Ruth and Clara were at their sister Jenny’s house recently, at Jenny’s bedside. Jenny had just celebrated her sixty-fifth birthday. She was bedridden due to two strokes eight months apart; the most recent, several weeks ago, affected her mobility to the point that she needed a feeding tube to keep her alive. Jenny could talk, but her words were slurred and oftentimes Ruth had to guess what her sister was trying to say.

That day, when Jenny closed her eyes for a nap, Ruth motioned Clara to join her in a back corner of the room. Huddling together, Ruth suggested they begin palliative care for their sister. Clara tightened her lips, hesitant to the idea. The sisters traded whispers back and forth as they disagreed.

Suddenly, Ruth tuned out what Clara was saying. Feeling like everything was moving in slow motion, Ruth gazed over her shoulder, feeling someone was standing in the doorway. Then she noticed Jenny also looking in the same direction. Ruth had the impression a tall man was looking into the room, and inexplicably knew it was Jenny’s husband, Richard, who had passed away ten years ago.

Then the image faded. Ruth became aware Clara was still talking and, shaken, politely ended the conversation.

A few days later when Ruth was alone with Jenny, she asked her sister if she’d seen anyone standing in the door that day. She nodded and did her best to say “a tall man.” Ruth asked if Jenny recognized the visage; Jenny said nothing. Later, Ruth told me she was sure it was Richard, who had come to check on his wife, perhaps getting ready to help her move to the other side.

Ruth’s story is like so many accounts I’ve heard over the years. It’s not uncommon that, upon passing, we’re met by our friends and relatives in spirit. And just like Jenny’s husband Richard, our loved ones are waiting patiently to help us through the door and into our new life.
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