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Just as we often have to struggle against the tsunami of misinformation in the world, so too must we lightworkers try extra hard to correct distortions of belief we unfortunately often encounter. Last week I got hit with one such bogus half-truth, and it made my blood boil hotter than the tea kettle whistling in my kitchen.

A client I recently had a Zoom session with – I’ll call her “Louise” – began our appointment by saying she had talked the previous week with another medium – I’ll call her “Madame X”. When I hear that, the next question is usually something along the lines of, “Do you know that person?” My response, whether I know that person or not, is always, “I’m not familiar with him/her.” I will never comment on another medium’s work.

But Louise’s questions stretched my principles.

“Do you know anything about the curtain between this world and the spirit world?” Louise asked in a dour voice. “Madame X said souls have to pass through the curtain after they die to get to the light. She said the curtain is very heavy and some souls get stuck, because of how they lived and died.”

Gak! went my mind. Where did that medium get that loony idea?

After taking a calming breath, I answered, “No soul ever gets stuck. The curtain, which is often referred to as ‘the veil,’ is an etheric boundary that is not heavy or light. Think of it as energy. Energy has no weight – it is just energy.”

Louise was quiet for a moment. “I also heard that each time after we contact spirits, they have to make their way to us through the veil again, and that tires them out.”

While traveling by car back and forth across Ontario during rush hour can be tiring, moving between worlds to visit us can be quite exhilarating for our loved ones in spirit, I told Louise.

“What I do know,” I said, “is that our loved ones in spirit don’t want to be forgotten and are very happy to connect with those they left behind. The only travel they do upon passing is through the veil – from our physical plane to the etheric. And once there, there are no veil issues, because there never has been one.”

The only exceptions I’ve found, I added, is if a person has been ill for a long time before passing, such as from cancer or Alzheimer’s. Sicknesses like that can weaken the body and soul so much that, when the person passes, their spirit has little energy. So it may take a little time before the spirit rejuvenates itself so it can cross the veil and offer comfort to those loved ones left behind.

Louise listened carefully. “I just don’t want to cause them any grief,” she said.

“Honestly, that doesn’t jive with my work experience with spirit,” I said. “The only sadness spirit feels is when we forget about them. I don’t know where those ideas you heard have come from. I can’t speak for Madame X, but those notions seem counter-intuitive to the spirit world’s existence, and harbouring those thoughts might stop people from calling upon and loving our deceased loved ones.”

At that point, I felt the presence of a young woman and spoke to that. Describing the spirit, Louise recognized a close friend who had died from breast cancer, and I passed Louise some personal information from her and a couple relatives that popped in to say hi.

As our session drew to a close, I assured Louise that her spirit people would not feel bothered if she called on them anytime. And I was glad she seemed to be in a much better mood than when we’d started.

“My mom passed last year,” she said brightly. “It’s good to know that she’ll talk to me anytime. After all, she’s dead. What else does she have to do all day?”

What do spirit do all day? Ah, that’s a question to ponder another time…

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to contact me through this website. And please visit me again!

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