“I don’t know why I’m talking to you,” said Tessa, who had booked a telephone session. “I don’t think you can help my Raoul.” She was quiet a moment, then added softly, “I just hope he’s not suffering.”

I asked Tessa to explain herself, and her story stunned me. She had been seeing another medium for about eight months in hopes of contacting her husband, Raoul, who had died over a year ago. Each time Tessa visited this medium – I’ll call her Madame X – she was told Raoul was trapped in the ether, but Tessa’s and Madame X’s prayers were bringing him closer to heaven. And Tessa needed to come back at least once a month, so the two of them could pray harder for Raoul’s soul.

Did I mention this had been going on for eight months?

When I heard Tessa’s story, my blood began to boil. Tessa was a young single mom with two sons in high school, and worked as a dental assistant. And here she was shelling out more than $300/month because she wanted to make sure the soul of her husband, the love of her life, would free himself from suffering and find bliss on the other side of life.

Taking a few moments to calm myself and centre on Tessa, I felt the strong, male energy of someone with pain in the chest region. And then I told Tessa I had the mental image of – a golf course?

“Yes,” she said. “He had a heart attack while he was playing golf.”

Confident that I was indeed connecting with Raoul’s spirit, I gave Tessa more evidence, much of which she could take and some advice she said she needed to think about. Raoul then gave her two messages for their children, speaking with pride about one son, who had decided to pursue an electrical engineering major in university – Raoul had been an electrical engineer. And he was fine with son number two, who enjoyed working on cars more than reading Shakespeare.

Tessa thanked me, saying how relieved she felt to know that her husband’s soul had crossed over and was now at peace. I noticed her voice at the end of our session was stronger.

After we hung up, I thought about what Tessa had said about Madame X. I didn’t know this supposed medium, and if I were to give her the benefit of the doubt, I’d say that she was mistaking Raoul’s method of identifying himself – a pain in the chest signifying a heart attack – as mistakenly feeling his soul was in torment. There are a lot of mediums (and psychics too) out there who may have an ability but are untrained, and don’t know what certain signals from a spirit really mean.

But I don’t believe Madame X was naïve. She was a charlatan who had hooked Tessa with a line of fear and a phony promise that she used to bleed Tessa for $300 a session. I prayed that Tessa found comfort from our time together, that Raoul’s spirit was perfectly fine, had always been perfectly fine, and Tessa could talk with him whenever she pleased.

I must add that there are times when a client asks to connect with a certain spirit and I can’t bring him or her in. That happens because of one of three things: 1)  either the spirit has already reincarnated into another body, or 2)  the spirit was attached to a body that had suffered from a long, debilitating disease and the soul needs time to replenish its energy. This is why I suggest to clients they wait a bit after their loved one passes before seeking a medium.

Reason number three: Quite simply, that spirit just does not want to talk with the client. (But even then, the spirit will usually send me a Goodbye, I’m out of here vibe.) Oh, well, not everything on the other side is harps and angels.

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