Too Soon?

As my session with Marcella began, I sensed a great void in her life. To me, that usually means either a deep, unresolved issue or the intense grief from the loss of a loved one. Before I could address that, Marcella wiped tears from her eyes, then confirmed her daughter had died just three weeks ago.

This type of session – where a client wants to connect with a loved one that has recently crossed over into spirit – can be difficult for two reasons. First, when a very recent death occurs, especially one that is tragic or totally unexpected, I feel the distraught client would be better helped by initially seeking a grief counselor – someone who is trained to help people through the often-difficult grieving process. Then, when the person feels more emotionally stable, a medium can be sought to give the mourner another layer of comfort.

Secondly, some spirit people need time to adjust to their new reality. Think of it this way: if you suddenly found yourself in a new country, wouldn’t you feel lost at first? Or, after such a journey, wouldn’t you feel tired? This is particularly true for those who passed from an energy-draining disease, like cancer – the spirit needs time to get their energy back so they can visit you.

On the other hand, there have been occasional times when I’ve been able to connect with the spirit of someone recently departed – within a day, if you can believe it. And once in a class I taught, someone was able to connect with the spirit of someone that has passed an hour previously. I still drop my jaw just thinking about it.

Still, that’s been the exception to the rule. Sitting with Marcella during our Zoom session, I centred myself, said a prayer and asked my guides to help me with this. I wanted to help Marcella in her time of need.

Within a minute, I felt the presence of a young woman. I described the impressions I was receiving, and Marcella looked at me hopefully. When I said the spirit person was showing me three blue barrettes, Marcella gasped with happiness. Yes, she had given her daughter a set of blue barrettes as a stocking stuffer at her last Christmas.

I then relayed personal details about the young woman’s tragic passing, which Marcella could confirm. “She says she’s standing with her grandparents – both sets,” I added.

“Oh, good,” Marcella said, visibly relieved. “I was so afraid she’d be alone and unhappy.” After a few silent moments, she asked, “Does she … is she still angry at me?”

I immediately felt a surge of warmth. “There is a lot of love here. She’s proving it to you by showing up – it takes a lot of effort and energy for spirits to make themselves known, and the fact she’s here shows you the love she has for you. She’s also making me feel she wants to help you through this, but only touching in with you now and then. You’ll know she’s around by finding signs from spirit.” See my YouTube channel for more.

Marcella’s tears continued flowing as I related a few more messages, and just before our session closed, she asked, “Can I come back to see you next week?”

While I was glad to help Marcella, I didn’t want to become a crutch for her grieving. I suggested she might want to see a grief counsellor instead to deal with some issues around her daughter’s passing. I reiterated that anytime Marcella wanted to speak with her daughter, she could do so; her daughter assured me she would always be there for her mother.

My session with Marcella was several months ago, and I haven’t heard back from her. Perhaps I never will. While it’s always a winsome feeling to lose a client, I hope Marcella has made herself aware of the signs of spirit from her daughter, and they’re communicating together quite well.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me. And please visit me again!

Photo Credit: Liza Summer

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