What time zone am I in? Halloween has just passed, and yesterday I saw my first Christmas decorations going up. Outside a grocery store, three young men were stringing lights around several small pine trees. Already? I thought, then a dab of panic set in as I wondered, Have I done all my shopping yet? I took a deep breath and smiled. No need to rush. And as I sat in my car and watched the high-schoolers making the market entrance festive, I remembered another reason why December was important to a young newlywed, how her wish came true and the lesson that spirit moves at its own speed.

It had been a warm, dry summer that year, so fall had come early. When Jeanette stopped by for her appointment, the oak trees on the front lawn had dropped little piles of brightly coloured red and yellow leaves. As I opened the front door of my office to greet Jeanette, I saw the scattering of leaves, and made a mental note to hire the youngster who lived down the next street for a little raking.

Jeanette shrugged off her jacket and I admired her beige sweater. A birthday gift from her husband, she told me, and I immediately felt the presence of her mother, who was also pleased with the sweater. Mentally, I asked her mother to stay around – some relatives like to pop in and say a quick hello, then whoosh themselves back to the spirit world. They don’t realize that sessions have a finite time that begin and end.

Jeanette’s mom made me feel she’d remain; she made me feel that Jeanette had a concern and mom wanted to assure her that everything was fine.

We sat in my office. I closed my eyes, said a quick prayer, then asked Jeanette’s mom to come through. Jeanette’s mother also brought through an uncle that wanted to say hello and his wife, who said she was glad whenever Jeanette wore the brooch that she had left to Jeanette in the will. Then I passed along some information about the house she and her husband had just purchased and other minutia that I now can’t remember. But I do remember what Jeanette said when I asked her if she had any questions.

“When will Bill and I have our first child?”

Jeanette confided that she and her husband had been trying to conceive for three years. Jeanette was wondering if the couple should go to a fertility clinic and see if a procedure might work.

In my mind, Jeanette’s mother sharply whispered, December!

“Spirit is telling me that you will pregnant in December,” I said, and Jeanette was overjoyed. December was two months away, and by the way she was expressing her excitement, it seemed like Jeanette couldn’t wait to call her husband for an afternoon delight.

But just after Christmas, I received an email from Jeanette. In a downhearted voice, she said she still hadn’t conceived.

I felt a tug in my stomach. Jeanette had been so happy when spirit, through me, gave her that message. In my heart, I knew spirit was never wrong, so had I misinterpreted something? But I’d sensed her mother’s voice so clearly!

For the next few weeks I thought about that reading, and wondered if there was anything I could do to put things right. My mind juggled different scenarios. And then, as time has a way of creating distance, Jeanette’s session faded away bit by bit. Winter became spring, which gave way to a mild summer and a damp fall. The new Farmer’s Almanac arrived in the mail and it predicted a harsh winter. I made sure I had enough stocked in the basement to feed the fireplace.

On December 15, I received an unexpected call. Jeanette, gushing happily, told me she was pregnant.

My spirit soared. “Oh, I’m so happy for you!” I said, and I remembered her mother’s word. December! And here it was, December – but one year later. So spirit was right. It just wasn’t the December I assumed spirit was talking about.

That was a great lesson to me. Time is different in the spirit world. There are no alarm clocks on the other side of the veil. Spirit doesn’t wear a watch. What’s the point of rushing to do something by a certain second when you have eternity to experience whatever you’d like to do? It’s only here on the earth plane that things have to get done by some deadline that’s usually as quick as possible. So now, when spirit gives me a particular day or month that’s significant for my client, I add: “But it might not be this Tuesday (or Wednesday, or October, or whatever).”

I thought about that as I watched the fellows decorate the pine trees outside the grocery store. So what if I hadn’t bought all my holiday gifts yet? There’s no rush to go shopping. I had plenty of time to do it.

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