A couple weeks ago, I couldn’t stop thinking about Caroline. I’d seen her as a client several years ago – I can’t remember what we had talked about, but how could I forget someone whose name is so similar to mine? So imagine my surprise when a day or so after her face popped into my mind, she requested a session with me.

Actually, that’s been happening quite a lot: I think of someone I haven’t read for in years and suddenly they call to book an appointment. It’s like the old story about psychic connection – you think about someone, and an hour later the person telephones. And says something like, “I was just thinking about you…”

Exchanging emails with Caroline to confirm our Zoom session brought back memories. I remembered an elegant British lady (no, not the kind of Lady married to a Lord) with deep blue eyes and auburn hair that fell to her shoulders. Ah, those days when we could comfortably meet face-to-face! Thank goodness for Zoom, the next best thing.

When Caroline logged on for our session, I noticed streaks of silver in her hair, which was now in a pixie cut. Her eyes were the same vibrant blue, and we spent the first few minutes in friendly chit-chat. “I don’t know why I felt the need to call you,” she said, and I told her I was glad she did.

As we talked, I detected a sadness in her voice, and spirit told me to hold off on commenting on it. Let her mention it first, I heard in my inner ear.

And she did. Personal issues surrounding an impending divorce compounded by teenage children acting out were taking its toll on her soul. Add in some missing legal documents and Caroline was mired in a stew of woes. I felt bad for her, but needed to stay dispassionate in order to give her clear messages from the spirit world.

As I centred myself, I felt the energy of an older woman come forward. There was a blemish on the right side of her forehead and she wore a necklace with a green cross. She twisted a gold band off her finger and presented it to me. I described these images and others I was seeing, and Caroline said the spirit sounded a lot like her mother, who had died a decade ago.

“But I don’t understand the part about the ring,” Caroline said. “She and my father stayed married until he passed a few years before she did.”

I told my client the action with the ring was often a symbol for a divorce. Caroline sighed. “Then it’s going to happen,” she said, downcast.

“We all have free will,” I reminded her. “Your mother is suggesting what may happen, but perhaps your husband and you will get decide to work extra hard to patch things up.”

“But that’s not what my mother’s implying.”

My turn to sigh. “That’s what she’s saying to me. What I am sensing is she’s also saying that deep down, you know what’s best for your own personal growth. She wants you to realize how strong you are; she’s on your side and will help bolster your inner strength whenever you call on her. And your children will come to understand this move is necessary. But it will take a little time. Be strong!”

As our session ended, I wished Caroline the best. She logged off the Zoom call and as I prepared for my next session, I noticed Caroline’s mother had stuck around. She thanked me, and I thanked her for showing up. My daughter needed help, so of course I’d be there, she replied with a smile. After all, I arranged the session.

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