The “Wow” Factor

Every medium likes to give evidence that’s so sharp, crisp and bang-on, someone’s jaw drops in surprise and awe. “How did you know that?” is something I love to hear from a client, because it means that spirit is strong with me. It also means I’m building trust with my client, so any message that comes through from spirit will be well received (and, hopefully, appreciated).

Medium Sharon Klingler, of Avon, Ohio, calls this “The ‘wow’ factor.” Think of John Edward’s TV show Crossing Over, where it seemed like he constantly brought forth amazing evidence: deceased relatives’ names, the automobiles they drove, and even hobbies they enjoyed while on the Earth plane! (I’ve seen John live and, believe me, there’s even more ‘wow’ when you’re nearby him.)

Whenever I get a “wow”, my spine tingles – even if that confirmation comes days later. Here are a few “wow’s I received via email a few days after a recent public mediumship event near Toronto.

I loved my reading and contact with my Nanna (my father’s mother). After I went home, I called my mom in Florida to tell her all about Nanna saying that she was psychic, and that “little white shoes” were important to her. Mom was amazed, because just a few nights before, she had dreamt of Nanna, and Nanna was telling her she was psychic. Talk about an amazing connection! As for the “little white shoes”: Mom reminded me that my parents and I lived with my grandparents until I was nine months old. It was close to my Christening and mom was upset that I didn’t have any nice shoes, so Nanna went out and bought little white shoes for me.

So, thank you very much. I thought you might love to hear what develops after and becomes clear on things we aren’t always sure of in the reading. Many blessings, B.R.

Confirmations like this are better than gold. Next, here’s an example of something that at first seemed small and mundane, but to this person, the message was enormous and deeply significant.

Thank you so much for your message. My brother Dave came through and he gives me great comfort. You said that he threw a pair of black dress shoes in front of you, and at the time we weren’t sure what the significance was. Then I began thinking about how a couple of weeks ago, my son came home and his black running shoes stunk so bad we threw them outside at the side of the house. Davie used to talk about smelly things, and I think he was laughing at how smelly Matt’s shoes were. R.C.

May I share just one more? This came from a Spirit Inspired Message Event I gave at Into the Mystik in Bolton.  A few weeks passed and this same person then attended a psychic development class I was teaching and shared with me the following:

You told me my grandmother came through and said there was a blood disorder in my family. My mother’s 65th birthday was last week; it was her mother that came through with the message. Yesterday, mom was diagnosed with acute mylegenous leukemia. That evening, several strange things happened. Your book It is Time: Knowledge From the Other Side, which I had placed on the bedside table, literally fell off three times. Also, during the course of the night, one of my watches fell off the dresser a few times. I then found the watch at the bottom of the stairs the following morning. (My cat had apparently decided it belonged there.)

We then broke into groups. In my group, someone picked up a woman trying to explain that she knew my mother, and was waiting for her. This woman’s name was Agnes, and she passed away September 2006. They also brought through a man named Frank, who was waiting as well. I didn’t know them at the time. But I was going through my jewelry box yesterday, and pulled out an ankh that my mother had given me years ago. It was given to her by a man named Frank, the first man she dated after my parents divorced – which came as a result of an affair my father had with a woman named Agnes! Perhaps you might want to use this, or part of as a testimonial (not that I think you need any)!! Take good care, H.L.

Do you have any interesting stories to share on this subject? I’d love to hear them! Write me at carolyn @, and please visit me again!


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