Call me old fashioned, but I believe in vows and “’Til death do you part,” and everything else that goes with it. But I also know I must place in a little box all my personal beliefs when I talk to clients. And that’s what I had to do when I advised Doris that she might be better off without the man she promised to love for the rest of her life.

The moment I picked up my telephone to speak with Doris, I felt the presence of an older woman with sad eyes. While Doris and I chatted for a few moments, I sensed the female spirit standing beside me, and her energy made me feel impatient. I described what I was getting from this spirit to Doris, adding more description, and Doris told me it sounded like her mother, who had passed away several years ago.

“She’s telling me to tell you to go,” I said. “In fact, she’s very insistent. Do you understand that?”

Doris was quiet for a few moments, then quietly replied, “Yes.”

I centred myself and tuned into Doris’s energy to better understand her answer – her mother wasn’t telling me much more – and immediately I imaged a picture of a man dancing with several women. In fact, he was the only male in the dance hall, and partners were lining up to have a twirl with him.


Many clients – women and men – make appointments with me to talk about their relationships. Interestingly, I tend to get more of these situations during Mercury retrogrades (pile on a Lunar Eclipse and full moon), which are supposedly times of crazy communication. Go figure. Several clients have asked me to cast spells on their heart’s desire, while one woman once asked me to make her a love potion. Sorry, I tell them gently, that’s not what I do.

Inevitably, people who want to talk about relationships end up asking the same question: “Is (he/she) cheating on me?”

The question may be the same, but everyone’s story is different. I’m not a relationship counsellor; I can only give clients images and communication I get from spirit. Thankfully, many times my guides impress on me that a situation is being misinterpreted by the client, or a husband or wife that has been wayward is contrite and wants to really try to make the relationship work again. When that happens, I have the names of several reputable counsellors that I advise the client to consult.

And deep in my heart, I pray those people will work things out with their partners, because the words “I do” imply a sacred, loving commitment.

But with Doris …

“I feel this man in your life may never be happy with one partner,” I said. “This man loves women. Your mother is telling me he may have mothering issues. It’s like he has his own set of morals, and he feels he needs to make women happy in order for him to be happy himself.”

Doris was quiet, but I felt her tears. “We’ve been talking about having children,” she said, then was quiet again. Doris’ two grandmothers in spirit joined her spirit mother beside me, and they stood firm while shaking their heads. I knew what my client would ask next.

“Do you think I should get a divorce?”

“I can’t make that decision for you,” I said, even though I felt like giving her the name of a good attorney. “Just know you come from a line of strong women, and they’re all on your side. Lean on them. And if you feel you need to make a change in your life, then ask your spirit family for support.”

Doris and I talked for a few minutes more on other matters, then hung up. I felt bad for her, and hoped she would find peace. Doris’s spirit mother beside me smiled at me, and before she left, showed me a picture of Doris sitting alone in a room. After awhile, another came up to her and asked her to dance.

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