As I walked Rosie into my office, I watched the way the woman’s eyes darted around the room. I wondered if she was going through one of those mental checklists of things people expect to see in a psychic medium’s reading room. I smiled, remembering one client who had asked in a disappointed voice, “Where’s your crystal ball?” Sorry, no ball, pyramid, magic wand or purple lava lamp (that one’s upstairs in the bedroom). I sat down behind my desk and gestured to the chair across from my desk. Rosie looked at the empty chair, then back at me, and nervously said, “What am I supposed to do now?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to her question. “Have a seat,” I said gently. “Get comfortable. Is there anything you’d like to ask me? Or we can just talk a bit, if you’d like.”

“Thanks,” she said, and lowered herself into the chair. She tucked a loose strand of shoulder-length auburn hair behind an ear, and clasped her hands together in her lap as if she were squeezing a stress ball. Even though Rosie was dressed comfortably in a cream-coloured sweater and blue jeans, I could picture her as a successful businesswoman in a dark blue suit. On the job, she made tough decisions with confidence; here, though, she seemed apprehensive.

She cleared her throat, then said, “This is my first time visiting a psychic, and I’m not sure if I’m acting the right way.”

“Please, don’t act,” I said with a laugh. “Just be yourself.”

“Okay… but aren’t you supposed to do something?” She glanced left and right. “Is somebody going to suddenly appear?”

To put Rosie at ease, I told her about the first time I’d visited a psychic. It had not been a calming experience – that woman’s reading room was in a candle-lit basement, and looked like something out of Edgar Allen Poe. Later, when I began studying mediumship, I promised myself that if I ever gave readings to others, my space would be bright and airy. And when it came to going into business for myself, I decided not to use palmistry or tarot cards or other means to connect with my clients and their spirit people – I’d follow the advice of my mentor, Sadie Nickerson: “Just say a prayer, and get on with it.”

As I talked, I noticed Rosie relaxing more. She sat back in her chair, uncrossed her legs, and then stretched her legs out so her feet went underneath my desk. I glanced at the clock, noting the time; though it was important to make her feel at ease, I didn’t want to fill her session with my life story. I was about to ask her if she had any questions for me, when I felt a presence enter the room.

“There’s a gentleman here who wants to say hello to you,” I said, then concentrated on the spirit person. “He’s making me feel a pain in my chest, and I believe he passed from a heart condition. But he says he’s fine now, and can eat as much chocolate pie as he wants.”

Rosie leaned forward, listening intently. “He’s a very energetic man,” I said. “He makes me feel like I should be singing and dancing. His name – I’m hearing a hard ‘K’ sound. And there’s something about a gypsy.” I gave her a puzzled look. “Why is he calling you a gypsy?”

“That was my husband’s nickname for me,” Rosie said, brushing a tear from her eye. “Carl called me ‘Gypsy Rosalie.’ We met in college – we were both theatre majors, and our first show together was the musical Gypsy.”

For the next 40 minutes, I gave Rosie more evidence of her husband’s presence, and passed on several messages that she took. The words from spirit gave her tears, but there was a quiet joy in her eyes. “I miss you,” she said, and I felt Rosie’s husband reach for his wife. In my mind, I saw the spirit hug. As he slowly withdrew, I heard him humming “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” and told that to Rosie.

Then her parents came to speak with her, and they congratulated their  grandson on passing his medical exam with flying colours.

After the session finished, I waited for a few moments, then asked Rosie how she was feeling. Her face brightened. “That wasn’t so bad,” she said, then smiled. “When I got here, I didn’t know what to expect.”

“Perfect,” I said. “And I think things worked out because you came in with no expectations, and that was the best because expectations can disappoint people because sometimes they don’t get what they’re expecting, and will miss the stuff they are suppose  to get.  Spirit decides.”

We stood up and as I was about to open my office door for her, I suddenly turned to her and exclaimed, “My goodness! I just realized – you have a grown son who just graduated from medical school? You look like you’re in your late 30’s!”

Rosie laughed. “Well, that certainly made this visit worthwhile!”

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