The first thing Byron said when I picked up the receiver to begin our telephone session was, “I’ve checked you out.” Instead of being taken aback by his comment, I congratulated him for doing his homework.

What Byron said isn’t unusual for me to hear. In fact, I was glad to hear it. Many people who are hesitant about getting their first reading from a psychic medium – as Byron later told me he was – should do their homework. Investigate the medium’s website and, if possible, ask friends for a recommendation. Unfortunately, many people don’t even do a simple internet search, and end up getting lured by a fraudulent psychic’s newspaper ad or a flashy neon sign in the window.

“I watched some of your YouTube videos and studied you for a long time,” Byron said matter-of-factly. “And, truthfully, I’m still not super-convinced this stuff is real. But I’ll keep an open mind for awhile and see how things go.”

“That’s fine with me,” I said. Better to be met with curiosity and an open mind than one of those “You gotta show me or else!” clients who brings a quiet hostility to the session. Those people are so hard to read for – they expect so much more than what I could ever hope to give them, and often leave the readings disappointed because I couldn’t reach every member of the client’s spirit family, or solve all the client’s difficulties.

Byron was my second session of 2019. The first was with a woman who had the same first name as my daughter – a wonderfully auspicious way to start the New Year, I thought.

My session with Byron was beginning as a challenge, yet I didn’t feel like I was being tested. I liked and respected Byron’s honesty and openness. I took a moment to say a prayer to centre myself, then begin giving him impressions I was receiving from spirit.

“A young woman wants to wish you happy birthday,” I said, then described a brunette woman with a pixie haircut. I gave Byron the name Muriel, and she referenced two children and something about a fast car. “She’s calling you husband,” I added. “But she’s showing me another woman in your life, and she’s happy for you.”

Byron was quiet for a moment, then confirmed that he and his first wife, Marion, had two adult children, and one had just recently bought a Tesla. Marion had passed away three years ago and Byron was engaged to marry again. In fact, he later told me, he’d booked the session because he wanted to know if his first wife was okay with it.

I gave Byron more information, much of which he could confirm, some of which he said he’d have to think about. As our session came to a close, he told me he was impressed with what he’d heard, but he was still on the fence about – as he called it – this “psychic stuff.”

“But I do feel you’re real,” he said. “There were a couple other psychics I looked up that seemed okay, but – boy, a lot of them seemed kooky.”

I laughed. “I think that’s true about every field of work out there. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, even house painters. There are good, reputable workers and those that are not good. You’ve just got to do your homework and find them.”

And reading number three? Another enjoyable experience, with a young woman from Alberta who thanked me for the session. I hung up feeling good, that 2019 would be a peaceful year with clients who did their homework and located the trustworthy psychics and mediums who are out there. And then I went into the kitchen to brew a pot of green tea.
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