The Final Moment

Interestingly, I recently spoke with two clients who had, basically, the same question: “Is (my loved one) still suffering?” What’s fascinating to me is whenever that happens – two uniquely similar readings in row – it’s often because spirit has a message for me.

Philip’s mother died two months ago after a long, painful battle with stomach cancer. Though her last weeks were spent in a loving hospice, where caretakers helped to ease her suffering, her passing was difficult, affecting her physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“The pain changed her into a person I didn’t know,” Philip said, holding back tears. “She lashed out at everyone, and once screamed that she hated me.” He was silent for a moment. “Is she still suffering?”

I asked my guides to bring the woman forward. I described the presence I was feeling, and Philip acknowledged that it sounded like his mother. She was not coming in strong, which often happens after someone passes after a lengthy, debilitating disease; their energy, weakened by their illness, needs time to be replenished.

I communicated this to Philip, then added, “She wants to acknowledge sorrow for things she said to you, and to let you know she’s no longer suffering. And let me also say, Philip, from what I’ve learned, pain belongs to the physical body. Our soul, which is energy, cannot feel pain. It’s just energy. It can be high or low, which is your mother’s case right now, but her spiritual vitality will come back.”

Susan’s story was very dramatic. When I reached out to her husband in the spirit world, I felt a sudden, jarring pain in my chest. But it didn’t feel like a heart attack.

Susan accepted that. Her husband, Jared, died in a car crash. His passing, she told me, had been instantaneous. Then she asked me, “Did he feel much pain when it happened? And is he still suffering?”

“Once spirit crosses into the next world, it leaves everything related to physical matter behind, and that includes physical sensations like pain,” I explained, drawing on what I’d written in my latest book What?! You’re A Medium?!
Susan shuddered. “The moment of impact for him must have been so terrible.”

I thought a moment before answering. “I understand that the soul can leave the body before a fatal accident,” I said, and told her about Dr. Robert Crookall, a British university lecturer and geologist who researched out-of-body experiences. Crookall believed our soul-consciousness is very much ahead of our physical-consciousness. So, when instant death occurs through an accident, the soul is aware of what is about to happen a split second before the impact occurs and leaves the body. The soul having left, no pain is felt.

I then connected with Jared, who said he didn’t recall the moment of impact: instead, he recalled driving on the 401 and suddenly feeling weightless and meeting his parents, who had passed many years previously. Though it took a bit for him to realize what had transpired, he was at peace. Jared then gave his wife some messages for their two children.
Later, I thought about these back-to-back sessions, and wondered if there was some greater significance in their coming together like that. Often, spirit will repeat a message because they want us to really understand a point they’re trying to make.

Then I had this idea: Perhaps the message is not only for me, but for all of us left behind.

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