Bringing a message about wheels to Mark from his grandfather in spirit brought tears to Mark’s eyes and made me think of the phrase “the circle of life” – and not just because I’d seen the movie The Lion King a few days earlier. The communication also reminded me of the famous “Riddle of the Sphinx”: What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 3 in the evening?

    The answer? We do. We crawl on our hands and knees as babies, walk on two legs as adults, and many older folk rely on canes or walkers in the twilight of their lives.

    But back to Mark, who was sitting with his mother in the congregation of a Spiritualist church where I recently served. Previously, I’d brought through several spirit people for those in the audience, and then I spoke about a fellow that popped in saying he really looked forward to dinners of mashed potatoes and ham – especially when the ham had a brown sugar glaze.

    Give me some more information, I spoke to spirit. After all, everyone (except me) likes mashed potatoes and glazed ham.
In my mind I saw an elderly fellow, but before I could describe him to the congregation, a woman raised her hand. “That sounds like my father,” she said. I gave her the name that I heard and she said, “Yes, that’s my father. His grandfather,” she added, gesturing to her son, Mark, sitting beside her.

    I can’t recall much of what I said – I usually don’t; after all, the message isn’t for me, it’s for the person the spirit wants to communicate with – but I do remember saying, “Are you finding money in odd places? Like dimes?”
    “I’m always finding pennies,” she said nodding.

    “Pennies?! Spirit must be working pretty hard to apport pennies, since the government doesn’t make them any more!”

    A note of explanation: Spirit doesn’t create money – they’re not counterfeiters – but they will often de-materialize change that falls out of people’s pockets, and then apport (move) the coin to a place where it has meaning. It’s a spirit person’s way of saying hello.    So, when I find a dime in an extraordinary spot, I know spirit is with me. (Read last month’s blog for an example.)

    “And he’s telling me there’s something important about wheels,” I added.

    Mark seemed very moved. I turned to him, and described the image his grandfather was showing me.

    “I’m seeing wheels,” I said. “There’s a two-wheel bike with training wheels, and he’s pushing you. He’s teaching you to ride a bicycle. But there’s also something else important about wheels, and you working with wheels.”

Mark was in tears. “I used to push him in his wheelchair. I helped him get around.”

    “That’s amazing,” I said. “He pushed you when you needed help and, later, you helped him when he needed a push. Well, he wants to thank you for that, and he’d like you to always remember him as the able-bodied grandpa who enjoyed teaching you how to get around without your training wheels.”

    Driving home after the service, I reflected on that message and how wheels were so important in the cycle of that young man’s life. How wonderful it is to accept help when we need it and, later, be able to give back when another needs a little help from a friend. This truly showed “the circle of life.”

    As I pulled onto the highway, I started humming “Hakuna Matata.”

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