The last thing Jacques wanted was to get involved in a relationship. When it came to romance, “I’ve been burned more often than a fireman,” he said with a grin before our session. With a head of thick curls and neatly-trimmed beard, Jacques was ruggedly handsome, and it was easy to see why women were attracted to him. But Jacques was adamant – he did not want to fall in love! Unfortunately, he was about to learn a lesson: Nobody gives orders to the Universe, especially when the Universe has plans for you.

Jacques had never been to a psychic medium before but, unlike most other first-timers, he didn’t appear nervous. Last year, he had moved from Quebec City to Toronto to, in part, escape from a messy divorce. During his seven-year marriage, he had put his career as an investment counsellor on hold to concentrate on building a business with his wife. But, unfortunately, the business and then the marriage fell apart, and he happily accepted a position in the Toronto area at a bank.

Six months ago, he began seeing an assistant manager at another bank that he had met at a conference. Part of him was resisting the idea of entering into a serious relationship; the other part wanted to welcome Nancy into his life. She was smart, funny and attractive – “But she works for the competition!” he joked, then added, “It would be a mixed marriage!”

After a moment, his expression turned serious. He leaned forward in his chair and asked, “Is she the one? Should I pursue this relationship?”

Without asking my guides for help, I could see in his eyes how much he loved her. His heart was in a win-win situation: If I told him to forget her, he’d probably dismiss me with a shrug and a c’est la vie, and keep dating her anyways, and if I told him she was his intended, he’d surely break out a big smile and tell all his friends that I was the greatest psychic since the Oracle of Delphi.

Still, I said a prayer for guidance and asked my guides to step forward. What information could I give Jacques?

Take care of him, I heard.

That surprised me. How should I take care of Jacques? I mentally asked.

Be there for him, I heard. It’s important.

Then I visioned Jacques with his arms around a slim, elegant young woman with a beautiful smile. They were sitting on a wrought iron bench, watching sailboats drift by beneath a clear blue sky. I told Jacques what I was seeing and he confirmed the image – last week, he and Nancy had visited Port Credit Harbour.

“And take care of him,” I said. “That’s important.”

He looked puzzled. “Take care of who?”

“That’s what I’m getting,” I said, feeling a bit foolish. What an odd turn of phrase. My client wanted to know about his lady love, and I was stuck on this phrase. Hey guys, I chided my guides, what gives?

But my guides would say no more. Instead, I kept seeing scenes of Jacques and Nancy, and I felt goosebumps. They seemed happy together. “Enjoy the moment,” I heard myself saying. “Every moment the two of you are together is precious.”

He had a giant smile as he got up to leave, and I thought, Gee, I wish all my sessions could end so well.

Three months later, I received an email from Jacques. He was crushed. Nancy had died suddenly of a stroke, a few days after her 30th birthday.

I stopped reading and sat at my desk in shock. How could that have happened? I’d had no inkling … I’d told Jacques to pursue his love. It was important. He seemed so in love…

My words haunted me. Every moment the two of you are together is precious.

Then I remembered a bargain I had made with spirit. I told spirit I never wanted to see someone’s death, and I never wanted to know anyone’s death time. Giving someone a pronouncement like that would only bring sorrow, and I always wanted to give hope. But what kind of hope had I given Jacques? What was worth three months of bliss, followed by the heartache of losing someone special?

Then I realized with a cold shudder that if I had seen and foretold Nancy’s death, Jacques would have dropped her immediately. But would that have saved them grief, or caused more?

Then I read the rest of the email: “Nancy’s death was especially hard on her brother, Michael, who had been hospitalized for suicidal depression several times. I sat with him for several nights and let him just talk to me. Actually, I was so numb; I can’t even remember what he said. But yesterday, he called to thank me for listening to him. He said he didn’t think he would’ve been able to stay sane the last few weeks if it hadn’t been for me.”

Be there for him. It’s important.

I wrote Jacques to offer my condolences and blessings. Spirit could not save Jacques from feeling pain, but was able to help him save a life.

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