I had a great time teaching a mediumship class at Lily Dale, New York. Thirty eager-to-learn students from all points in North America, from beginners who were curious about developing their intuitive gifts to psychics who gave readings for a living. (One of my students once played in a band with John Lennon – now how cool is that?) I always devote a good section of class time to question and answer periods, which I enjoy. Though every class is different, I can always count on hearing this question, or some version of it: “How can we protect ourselves against the dark forces?”

So I was not surprised when the question was asked near the end of my Lily Dale class. Despite being asked that question dozens of times, I don’t have a set answer. All I know is that, once asked, I have to tread carefully, because I don’t want to scare any beginning students from opening themselves up to experience the gifts of communication with spirit. Yet at the same time, I do believe that there is negative energy out there. I’ve met spirits that were what some might call “dark” – but they were not the hellish creatures created by Stephen King or Hollywood special effects technicians to scare the money out of the wallets of teenage moviegoers.

No, the dark spirits I’ve met are lost, lonely, confused and tormented souls who, for one reason or another, are afraid of crossing into the light. Most of them fear God won’t let them into “heaven” because of errors they committed while alive. Other spirits don’t know they’re dead, or don’t want to accept the fact that they’ve left the Earth plane. And a few are full of anger and have no way to get rid of that negative energy. So they hang around the Earth plane as poltergeists and play tricks, and occasionally latch themselves onto a Ouija board and try to lure people astray. (Which is why I avoid Ouija boards.)

These spirits need to be treated with love and compassion. I know several rescue mediums who feel it’s a noble calling to guide the lost souls into the light. These very strong-willed mediums don’t take their jobs lightly. They are fearless; though they may get unnerved now and then, they strongly believe in their power and that their spirit guides are powerful.

There are two key words here: fear and power. So, whenever anyone asks me about protecting themselves from “the dark”, I remember those two words. Because fear feeds negative energy. And power – belief in the strength of your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love – will defeat anything.

Many people are told to visualize pure, white light, which will act as a way to protect themselves in certain situations. White light is often seen as a symbol for the Divine, and calling white light into a troubled experience is asking God or the energy of love to be with you. But I also believe white light symbolizes the power of our higher self. And what makes up our higher self? The knowledge that we are strong, wise beings with a deep sense of confidence and commitment to expressing the love of the universe, which flows in us and through us.

So: How can you protect yourself against the darkness? By turning on a light – your light. By strengthening the light within you, and understanding that you can shine as bright as the sun. Meditate on this, and repeat this mantra often: “I am in control of my life. I control my light.”

Questions about protection have not only been coming from students but, increasingly, from clients who sometimes feel afraid that they may not be in control of their lives.  Their enquiries encouraged me to create a guided meditation CD, Strengthen The Light Within, which will be available late July 2009.  It is a tool that, I hope, will help people master their personal power, and at the same time encourage and support their psychic development.

Believe in yourself. You have the power, and it is limitless!

Sharon Klingler, a gifted medium in Avon, Ohio, believes she doesn’t need protection – because, she says, she knows she is more powerful than everything under the sun. There’s a lot of logic in that. Especially when we realize that our greatest protector is ourselves.

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