Last Saturday evening, reflecting on my day as I began to write in my gratitude journal, I was profoundly amazed to realize I had experienced something that I hadn’t felt in more than a year. That afternoon, I enjoyed six hours of happiness.

I’m not implying that I’ve been in a long state of depression, not at all. For sure, the past year has been very trying, both for me and my clients. But I’ve always found several personal projects to carry me through, and Zoom visits with friends and family help to buoy my spirits. And I always take heart every time I help a client unite with a loved one that has passed away.

But last Saturday was a little different. My husband and I ordered takeout, sat on a park bench in the sun, then drove to the shoreline and walked along the water. It was empowering to see many people also enjoying the warm afternoon. Couples strolled hand-in-hand. Moms and dads pushed strollers. Bikers kept respectful distances. I even built an inukshuk on a flat granite block!

I felt so light – not just filled with light, but light as if a great weight was lifting off my soul. Later, I realized the whole world felt lighter, as if the planetary energy was changing for the better. There was more hope in the world. We were getting vaccinated – myself and hubby included – and embracing the fine art of living once more.

I hope the world’s move into sunlight is a peaceful transition. We’ve all noticed how the strains of this last year has made many folks quick to anger. My hope is the waning COVID pandemic doesn’t give way to a plague of post traumatic stress disorders. It’s sad that some people express their shell-shock of aloneness through anxiety, antagonism and violence.

So let’s all be careful about how we re-emerge into our “new normal” reality. Compassion is the key: Remember, some people may not have coped as well over the past year as you might have. Personally, stuck at home for most of the pandemic, missing my kids, non-celebrating my birthday (twice!) and anniversary on the couch in the living  room reading a romance novel or watching Ghost Adventures or CNN. My husband’s and my most exciting event every week was deciding which restaurant to support on Takeout Thursday. Yeeesh. And I was no Mother Theresa – I’ve done my share of dropping F-bombs while honking at drivers, and other instances not worthy of repeating.

Oh, well, as Scarlett O’Hara said in Gone With The Wind, “Tomorrow is another day.”

My tomorrow was last Saturday. Get outside and re-experience the world in a safe way. It’s a colourful place, thanks to the vivid flowers and enticing lilac aromas scenting the air. (See my Intagram Page – @carolynmolnar) Appreciate all those homeowners who spent the last year planting and gardening.

Be patient and remain compassionate, because life is going to be different for a lot of people as we get used to our “new normal”. Change is in the wind.

And may you all experience even more than six hours of happiness.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me at mail @ And please visit me again!



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