Paul’s email was a plea for help. He wrote that he had seen several psychics that, basically, told him the reason his life was difficult was because he was embracing a negative existence (whatever that means). Their words made him think the only way he could escape a harsh and ruthless life was to bank on reincarnating in a better world, where he would be a better person.

Part of his email: I was told that nirvana is a resting place where we can relax before reincarnating. If that’s the case, I want to be removed from this world because it seems so cruel and unforgiving.

What he was looking for, he added, was a psychic that agreed with him; someone to tell him that going to the spirit world and then reincarnating was a good choice. My email back to him was going to flatly say that I was not going to promise him a proverbial rose garden. Reincarnation was an empowering goal. But after rereading my reply several times, I decided to delete that message.

I figured that if I said something he didn’t like, he’d just go try another psychic in hopes the reader would give Paul something he agreed with. And if that next psychic wouldn’t give the right message – well, the internet has the websites of plenty of names and surely one of them would tell Paul exactly what he wanted to hear… for the right price.

Paul’s case was more drastic than others I’ve encountered, where clients in a tough relationship, or having health problems, or looking for spiritual guidance, or facing any life challenge – don’t seek a psychic/medium for advice, they’re seeking to have a choice they’ve already made be validated by having the reader agree with them.

Clients like this can be frustrating. For sure, I don’t expect everyone I see to 100 percent accept everything I say. We all have free choice to change our lives, to decide what life-path we need to take (hopefully, for the better) based on advice we receive, whether it’s from spirit, a psychic, a spiritual counselor, our higher self, a friend we trust – whatever.

But Paul’s case was quite extreme. So I emailed back: Paul, please stop shopping around for psychics. They are causing you to go down rabbit holes unnecessarily and causing you distress. Not all psychics have been trained to do this work, nor do they all work within the light.

(I’ve written extensively about psychic scams and how to spot charlatans.

A word of advice, I continued. I’m concerned about these concepts you’re entertaining. My advice: please stay away from anyone whose philosophy distresses you.

And then I added the telephone number of a hotline for anyone to call when they feel depressed, or even just a little overwhelmed by life. Crisis hotlines are regional so I suggest you consult your locality.

After sending off the email, I said a prayer and hoped Paul would take my advice and seek help, instead of seeking another psychic.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me. And please visit me again!

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