My husband loves websites that offer free astrology readings. I don’t have the heart to tell him that the readings they email him every morning are designed to be one-size-fits-all, because not every Leo in the world was born in the same year as he and has the same rising and moon signs in the exact same place on their charts. Yet even though every Leo gets the same reading, my husband still thinks the message is just for him.  Oh, well, it’s all in fun… Until the other night he showed me a very disturbing ad the website had sent him – and I’m sure it was sent to all of the website’s subscribers.

The message banner asked: “IS YOUR LOVE LIFE CURSED?”

I gritted my teeth. What an awful idea to implant in people’s minds! I thought of all the psychic scam artists out there who prey on people’s vulnerability and ask them to pay money to remove “curses.” Here’s some great advice FOR FREE for everyone who thinks they’re living under a black cloud: Think positive thoughts, strengthen the light within yourself, and stop believing other people have power over you.

Here’s the message, in part, my husband received from

Do you feel like there’s a black cloud hanging over your love life? Are you underappreciated at work? If the stars seem to have forgotten to work their karmic magic on you, don’t give up hope! True love, your ideal career, or a windfall could be right around the corner, or even right in front of your nose.

Shame on you,, for sending out such a fear-inducing message!

The only part of the ad that’s true is love and happiness is right in front of your nose. The world is a loving, supportive place, and your angels and guides want to help you realize that. If you feel love and happiness is always just out of reach, it’s not because you’re cursed – perhaps you’ve put blocks in front of you. Are you secretly afraid of success? Are you missing out on love because you’re shy, or you’re hesitant about opening yourself up to the possibility of sharing yourself with someone? Karma isn’t working against you – you’re tripping over your own fear. “Change your attitude and change your life” is the lesson behind many wonderful self-help books available at your local public library.

The email continues:

If you don’t know how to find your luck, it’s time to call up an experienced adviser … you’ll speak to a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, or other skilled reader of your choice …and get advice and insight that most others fail to recognize. Why not call now, and put your lucky spell in motion! Turn your luck around!

I believe an “experienced adviser” is supposed to advise, not give you a lucky spell to fix your life. People who want their problems to be magically fixed are in danger of becoming victims – by giving their hope and power away to a nice, “helpful” psychic. Believe me, working to improve your life is just that – work. Lucky Charms should only be for breakfast.

If I’m coming across as strident, I apologize. I’m sure there are many fine workers at who whole-heartedly want to give service.  I’m sure they, like me and countless other intuitives, honour and respect the work we do. I just don’t like to think there are psychics and mediums out there who take advantage of people who are truly seeking help.

I’ve been writing blogs for several years, and I get the most responses from one I did on psychic scams. Just a few days ago, someone emailed me this. I’m glad the writer had the guts to not only share her story, but was able to walk away from a bad situation.

I was online this morning because I realize I had been scammed and totally taken for a fool. After reading your article, I realize how gullible I was, and how these predators prey on people who are emotionally down, like I was. I will use your advice to try to stay away from these people in the future and listen to my intuition.
My experience was very emotional and totally unbelievable, now that I look back on it. It happened over the past week with the culmination being yesterday, when I was relieved of $1,000. I had already given [the reader] $300 so she could give me an “assessment” of the work that had to be done. I was told that I had a spell on me, and because I had been told that before by other psychics, I felt she was right. I borrowed the money to give to her and she actually “exorcised” something from my body and showed it to me in a jar!!! That’s when it hit me – but by then it was too late to be logical, as she had the cash in her hand. I feel that I was spared a large amount of money but I have learned my lesson and am glad that I found your site because I will not let it happen again. Hopefully, more people will read this and be spared their savings.
—Name Withheld

It’s never too late to recapture your power. Just remember: No one can curse you except yourself. Or, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel bad without your permission.”

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me at mail @ And please visit me again!


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