This season of good cheer can be a bitter time for those who carry sadness in their heart. Laurie was an attractive raven-haired woman in her late 20’s, with deep brown eyes and the kind of clear skin we all wish we’d had at her age. But in her soul, Laurie carried the weight of anger, and she wanted my advice on how she could get back at the man who was cheating on her.

Her inner feelings weren’t apparent when we started her session. When she took the chair opposite mine, she flashed a radiant smile, and I liked the way her purple scarf played off her turquoise-coloured blouse. I centred myself and brought through her mother, Emily, who had passed into spirit several years previously. She identified her mother through a scent of jasmine I was picking up, as well as the turquoise blouse – it had been a gift from her mother, given to Laurie at the Christmas before she’d died.

Her mother’s message was curious: “Forget about it.” I wasn’t sure what Emily meant, but Laurie nodded her head slowly as if she understood, and that’s what was important.

Another spirit wanted to come through, and as I started to describe the next presence, Laurie blurted out, “Tell me about Jim!”

“Jim?” As I reoriented myself, the spirit that had wanted to talk with Laurie faded away. When I looked again at Laurie, her face had changed. Gone were the soft features; her coffee-coloured eyes now seemed to have a gunmetal-grey tint.

“Jim is my boyfriend,” she said, her mouth creasing into a frown. “We’ve been seeing each other for six months. Is he cheating on me?”

I feel Is he/she cheating on me? is one of those questions that, if you have to ask, you already know the answer. But before I could say anything, spirit showed me a man that wasn’t just being unfaithful to Laurie, but was playing around on many women including Laurie.

Oh, boy.

Laurie must have taken my momentary silence as a confirmation of her suspicions. “I knew it,” she muttered, looking at me as if she was looking into a mirror. ”What should I do? I want to see him hurt. I want him to feel what I’m feeling. I want him to suffer.”

Laurie’s mother’s message now made sense to me. “You don’t mean—“

“I sure do,” she said, clenching her fists. I couldn’t believe this was the same woman who had sat cheerfully before me not more than twenty minutes ago. I asked my guides for help. How could I assist this woman whose deep hurt was blinding herself to any possibility of finding peace?

“Laurie, I can’t tell you how to live your life,” I said, “but I do know this. Anger only creates more anger. I understand you feel hurt, but I believe in the law of karma. Any hurtful action you create will only come back to hurt you more.”

Laurie was quiet, but I didn’t think she was listening to me.

“Think of it this way,” I said. “The bruise on your heart is fresh. Step away from this situation for a few days and let it heal. Spend time with your girlfriends and family. Be with people who love and support you.”

“We were supposed to go out New Year’s Eve,” she muttered.

I suddenly understood. The root of Laurie’s problem was she was afraid of being alone. At that moment, the previous spirit that had wanted to talk with Laurie came back, and showed me a picture of Laurie in front of a Christmas tree, drinking egg nog with three friends. I heard the name “Ruth,” then gave Laurie that name.

“Oh, my God,” she said. “Has she died? I just saw her two days ago.”

I passed Laurie the words from spirit: “Ruth is looking for someone to spend the holidays with. Why don’t you give her a call. Instead of spending your energy trying to make Jim hurt, why don’t you create good energy with Ruth?”

Laurie was quiet for a moment. Our session ended and she mumbled a quick, “Thanks,” then left. I asked my guides to watch over her and ease her pain. And I resisted the urge to think a few bad thoughts about Jim. The world didn’t need any more negative energy.

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