A few days into the new year, I got a telephone call from the producer of the “JJ and Melanie in the Morning” radio show, on 93.5FM-The Flow. The producer was looking for a psychic to give predictions on the air, and found me on the Internet. Excitedly, I called him back. Unfortunately, I’d been out when he called, and by the time I responded, three hours had gone by, and he’d lined up someone else. Oh, well, it’s always fun to get invited to a party, even if you can’t go. Maybe next year! But his call got me thinking – what did I see ahead for 2012? So I sat down a few days ago and made a few predictions, which I’ll check at the end of the year – provided that the Mayans were all wrong, of course.


My forecasts for 2012 (with help from spirit):

JUSTIN BEIBER: His star is still rising, but some fans are going to be disappointed because he’s going to be changing his style. He’s going to start showcasing himself as a musician, instead of just as a singer. He’ll also undergo another change in his looks, and his relationship with Selena Gomez will stay strong.

THE ACADEMY AWARDS: Best picture: The Descendents. Best actor: George Clooney. Best actress: Meryl Streep.

KATE MIDDLETON: She’s pregnant, and will give birth to a daughter.

THE QUEEN: I see a cast on her foot, but I’m not sure if it’s from a fall or an operation. There will be a death around her – possibly a lady-in-waiting, or a higher profile person. She will reign into her 90s and become the longest-reigning monarch in Britain.

THE MAPLE LEAFS: They will miss the playoffs by a couple points, and trade one of their  two goalies and bring in a new one. Next year, an up-and-coming rookie defense will be a big surprise and make a great impact on the team.

THE BLUE JAYS: A Roberto Alomar-type infielder will join the team and make a big impact. A famous player, retired, will join the coaching staff and boost morale. Unfortunately, the Jays, too, will miss the playoffs.

THE NEXT U.S. PRESIDENT: Barack Obama will beat Mitt Romney.

THE PROVINCIAL (ONTARIO) GOVERNMENT: Premier Dalton McGinty is going to push for more privatization, much to the chagrin of people. Something around Hydro 1 is going to cause a lot of challenges but he will run a fair minority government.

TORONTO MAYOR ROB FORD: There will be a strike, and it’ll be at least 6-8 weeks before both sides start talking. All garbage collection will be privatized, which will scare all other outside union workers about losing their jobs.

RESEARCH IN MOTION: The first and second quarter will be difficult for the company, and things will begin turning around in September, when there will be re-hiring and new products will either be talked about or unveiled. These new products are innovative and will test very, very well. RIM doesn’t want to bring out products just to bring out products.

2012 AND THE MAYAN CALENDAR: An archeological find will show that there is more to the Mayan calendar than just 2012. There will be an earthquake on the west side of South America, possibly involving Machu Pichu.

ANY OTHER PLANETARY UPHEAVELS? There will be more tsunamis, more volcanic eruptions, and more water disasters – monsoons, floods, draughts. The North American prairies will be hot, and suffer through draughts.

THE 2012 OLYMPICS: Canada will be in the top 5 in medals. We will win lots of silver and bronze in cycling and water sports like rowing and water polo – the “quiet” stuff. Look for gold medals in rifles and discus. The weight lifting and wrestling teams will also do well.

: The Nicole Kidman-Keith Urban marriage will be under the microscope.

TORONTO CELEBRITY: Susan Rogers will be more in the news, thanks to her philanthropic work with hospitals and children. She has also been trying to bring Toronto to the world stage in fashion, and this year will bear fruition for her behind-the-scenes work.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me at mail @ . And please visit me again!


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