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“Fourteen years ago, I had a session with you,” said the young woman at the other end of my Zoom call. “You told me you felt I was very intuitive and suggested that if I wanted to strengthen my psychic potential, I should read up on the subject and do some intuitive-strengthening exercises.” She paused and smiled. “Well, you were right.”

“Wonderful,” I said, happy for her. I quickly ran through my mental Rolodex of clients, but fourteen-year-old memories get a lot dimmer once you enter middle age. Still, it’s nice to get conformations on my readings, even if they come later.
I expected her to say something like she’s now in a development circle with like-minded people at a Spiritualist center. Instead, she hit me with a jaw-dropping pronouncement: “I’ve been giving readings for a number of years now, and I have more than 20,000 followers on my Instagram account.”


“Congratulations,” I said, sputtering the word out. After the moment of surprise passed, I felt good for her, remembering how hard it was for me to start my practice, and the long hours I put into building my business.

“I decided to book a session to get some clarification on a couple issues,” she said, as if anticipating my question, So if you’re successful now, why do you want me to give you a reading? (She must be psychic!) “It’s just too hard to give yourself a reading.”

“Don’t I know it,” I said with a laugh. “The ego keeps getting in the way and you lose perspective, because you want things to turn out a certain way. And deep down, you only want to give yourself good news.”

We chatted for a few minutes about the hassles and the fun parts of our businesses, and then got down to session work. I tuned into her spirit people and after a moment, her mother’s presence stepped forward and I gave her some information she was able to take. In fact, her whole spirit family was quite a chatty bunch.

When the appointment was over, she thanked me and I wished her continued success. After our Zoom connection ended, I sat back and smiled, thinking about a newly-minted psychic medium who, during her first gig – the resident Wednesday afternoon psychic at a New Age bookstore – was approached by author Colette Baron-Reid. Colette looked that newbie in the eye and boldly said, “Someday, you’re going to be as well-known as me.”

Powerful words for a fledgling medium to hear. But she took it to heart and continued studying and practicing and growing more confident in her skills.

Yes, that was me. And how great it feels now to be able to pass that empowerment on to others like my students, and even to clients who wonder if just maybe, they have a touch of the gift just waiting to be developed.

Someone like… you?

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to contact me through this website. And please visit me again!

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