Pet Sounds

In the middle of a videoconference reading with a client, where I was connecting with the woman’s mother in spirit, I suddenly visualized small dark circles darting through the air. The shadowy orbs were the size of hot cross buns. Taken aback, I lost my train of thought for a moment, then watched one of the circles land on a bookshelf. In my inner ear, I heard chirping, and said the first thing that popped into my head:

“Did your mother have some kind of connection with birds?”
My client gasped. “Oh, yes!” she said. “But not my mother. I once had three parakeets! Kelly, Jill and Sabrina.” She chuckled. “I was a Charlie’s Angels fan. But how did you know about my birds?”
I told her what I had seen and heard. She was amazed to learn that, like humans, animals have souls too, and often show themselves to me during sessions. And, like humans, they come through because they love their two-legged companions and want them to know that they’re waiting in spirit for their friends to rejoin them.
We think of our animals as pets, but when they show themselves to me, they see themselves as companions. A dog never refers to its owner as its “master,” and our furry, feathery and scaly friends consider themselves as part of the family. And cats, though independent by nature and occasionally standoffish while on the Earth plane, carry a secret – they do love their human companions and are eternally grateful that their food dishes were always taken care of.
Over the years, I’ve connected with  hundreds of people’s dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, fish and many other animals whose memories escape me. They often come in as shadows moving around on the floor, and then I’ll get a picture of the animal and, often, a sense of their name. And then some favourite memories.
When I explain this to people, their next question is something like: “But how do you hear them? How do you know what they’re saying?”
No, they don’t speak English. But most pets recognize the sounds that form their name – after all, if someone kept looking at you while saying “Spot” or Miss Kitty, wouldn’t you come to realize that you were Spot or Miss Kitty?
Plus, in the spirit world, communication occurs through telepathy. Animals in spirit show me pictures; identifiers that let them know their companions are still thinking about them. Dogs and cats love to show me pictures of their plastic or metal feeding dishes and water bowls which are still on the floor. Clients are surprised and heartened to hear that their pets in spirit still see their companions remember them by leaving those items in place, as well as their favourite toys still strewn over the floor.
One beautiful golden retriever even came through to let its companion know it was happy to see its leash still hanging on a peg by the back door.
After the session with my client finished, I say back in my chair and remembered Beau – Beau Geste, his full name – a miniature French poodle our family had when I was little. My sisters and I loved to put gaily coloured ribbons in his hair, and when he came back from a trimming, we’d all gush, “Oh, Beau, you’re so beauuuuutiful!” And he’d prance around on his toenails in the kitchen, happy to get so much love and attention.
After Beau passed, we were so saddened. But some night, I swear I could hear his little toenails clicking across the linoleum, or scratching at the door like a pup who wanted to get let out. Sometimes, before drifting off to bed, I could even hear his yappy bark.
I hope Mom and Dad are playing with him now. And maybe even putting ribbons in his hair, an activity he never got tired of. Oh, Dad, give Beau another big hug for me.
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