Once Is Enough

Readings for new clients tend to be gentle sessions, as spirit doesn’t like to surprise people beginning to explore mediumship with jaw-dropping information from the spirit world that might freak them out. But Camilla’s first reading with me was totally unexpected, and almost freaked me out.

As our Zoom session began, Camilla told me right off the bat that she had never had a reading from me. Her bright, blue eyes were full of expectant hope, and I settled back in my chair. Centring myself, I asked my guides and angels to step forward and immediately received an impression of an older woman with curly hair framing an oval face. Mother, I heard.

I described the woman to Camilla, then gave her other information and Camilla nodded, saying that this spirit person indeed seemed like her mother, Leonora, who had passed several years ago.

“Does mom think I should leave my job?” Camilla asked. “Or is she saying anything about my house?”

I generally don’t question spirit people; rather, I let them communicate first, letting them get off their ethereal chests what they think is most important for the sitter to hear. The messages they bring usually answer the questions people have brought to a reading.

I waited for Leonora to speak … and waited …

Leonora remained silent. In my mind’s eye, she was standing with her hands comfortably clasped before her, watching me with a smile on her face. I mentally urged her to speak, yet she remained still. I didn’t feel Leonora had been deaf or mute when she was alive, nor did I feel she was shy. What gives? I thought. As she remained in that stance, I felt a male presence behind her. Getting silence from Leonora, I described this second spirit to Camilla.

“That sounds like my father, Arthur,” she replied eagerly. “He always let Mom do the talking. Actually, they were both people of few words. Does he have anything to say about my job or my house?”

The quiet couple’s big smiles made me feel like they were happy to connect again so quickly with their daughter.

I passed that to Camilla, then asked, “What does your mother mean about connecting with them again so quickly?”

“Don’t get mad at me,” Camilla sheepishly said. “But I went to another psychic last week, and she gave me lots of information. Mom and Dad had plenty to say.”

Leonora nodded knowingly. She told me she’d already spoken her piece, and there was nothing more to add about Camilla’s job, her house and her kids. Then she and Arthur asked me to say goodbye to their daughter, because others would like to touch in with Camilla.

When I passed this on to Camilla, she looked at me quizzically. “Why would they say that? I don’t understand.”

“Well,” I explained, “you said your parents were people of few words. Plus, and this happens occasionally, when spirit has delivered a message once, they don’t feel the need to repeat themselves. Especially since your parents gave you their messages last week. How much could their words have changed in a week?”

Then I laughed. “And, no, I’m not bothered that you saw another psychic.” But I cautioned her about going from psychic to psychic to psychic. Some people can get addicted to seeing psychics. Others, unfortunately, visit different psychics until they find one that says what they want to hear.

“But I sense a spirit saying ‘grandfather,’” I added. “Would you like to hear from that gentleman?”

Camilla nodded, and I brought him through, and several others – and a family dog – with a variety of messages. One common theme was Camilla was making good decisions, whatever that meant.

Camilla thanked me at the end of our session, and asked if she could come back again. “Of course,” I said, “but wait six months. That way, I’m sure you’ll be in a different place in your life, and your mother will have new things to talk with you about.”

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me at mail @ carolynmolnar.com. And please visit me again!

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