I’ve just finished the final edit of my book Compassionate Messenger: True Stores from a Psychic Medium (Dundurn Press), and while I’m excited about the October publication, I’m also a bit intimidated. Because even though I’m proud of the work I’ve done and the many thousands of people I’ve helped over the last 30 years, I’m hesitant that people will read my book and feel that I always score 100 percent when it comes to psychic predictions and receiving messages from spirit. The truth of the matter is – I’m not perfect.

For the book, I chose some of my most memorable stories – that is, stories I remember (most sessions I forget a few hours later). I’ve also changed some details to protect clients’ privacy (as I also do for these blog entries). And while not all stories in the book have successful conclusions, I feel each tale has a moral that will resonate with readers on a spiritual level. I feel the biggest compliment one could make about my book is that it inspired people to talk about their feelings.

Yet as I reflect on those stories, I can’t help thinking of Dylan, a middle-aged man who came to me last year for a psychic reading. Dylan had a pile of financial concerns. Would he keep his job? Would he have to sell some of his rental properties to stay afloat? Would he be able to afford the alimony payments to his three wives – and was he going to have to consider making payments to a fourth?

I centred myself and concentrated on Dylan’s energy. After a few moments, I told him what I was feeling: his employment situation was stable, he would keep all his rental properties, his wives would all remarry within a month of each other and his alimony concerns would fly out the door.

Dylan beamed like the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. “Great!” he exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air. “That’s just what I was hoping for!” He jumped to his feet and I cringed, thinking he was going to leap through the ceiling.

Well, six month later, Dylan emailed me to tell me how wrong I’d been. He’d been downsized to a position that paid less money, and he had to sell two apartment buildings because a couple ex-wives took him to court for more money. And the only thing that flew out the door was wife number four. (Though he did confide he had an eye on a potential number five.)

I told him I was sorry things had turned out they did. And then I spent the rest of the afternoon moping because I had not been able to help Dylan. Why had I gotten the reading so wrong?

I came up with three reasons why readings may not turn out as forecasted:

1. Our freedom of choice to follow or disregard any advice we get. Before each reading, I always tell clients, “A reading is only as good as the moment it’s given.” That’s because what I intuit can change because you have the freedom to live your life as you see fit. For example, I may intuit the possibility of disease, but if that person decides to change her diet and begin exercising, that person may not get seriously ill. In these instances, I’m always happy to learn my first feeling was incorrect.

2. Sometimes, things in life are outside our control. I’m always reminded of the story of the very credible medium (I can vouch for him) who gave a very thorough reading to his clients, who were then killed in an automobile accident on the way home. When he learned of what had happened, he was stunned: “I never saw that!” he said, dazed.

3. People want to believe something so badly, they project those beliefs into their aura. I wonder if this was Dylan’s case – he wanted to manifest positive outcomes so strongly, I mistakenly read them as if they were his truth. Think of it this way: Lie detector tests can be fooled by people who actually believe something false is true. For example, ask them if they can fly and if they believe it, they’ll answer yes and believe it so strongly, the lie detector will read the answer as truth.

Perhaps Dylan’s desires were projected so strongly, they coloured his – and my – ability to see truth.

Plus, there’s a reason many in my field call giving readings a “psychic art”, because it’s an inexact science. Just remember this – a reading is a tool you can use to examine your life’s possibilities. It’s not an end-all 100 percent declaration that tells you how to live your life.

I’m grateful for what a new client told me a few weeks ago. A friend had recommended me, saying that my comments were correct about 90 percent of the time. I smiled and thanked her for the compliment. I’ll take a 90 percent accuracy rating anytime.

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