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The only thing I enjoy more than finding new television episodes of The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel is receiving some wonderful questions from my followers. I especially appreciate getting insightful and playfully inquisitive queries, as many of those questions are recorded and posted on my YouTube channel. So far, there’s more than tens of thousands of you tuning in, if you can believe it.

Here are a few great questions from my mailbox:
Q: Do we experience pain, anger, fear and envy in the afterlife?  And are negative emotions also present, or just feelings of peace?

Answer: The emotion of regret is the biggest thing we immediately experience upon entering the spirit world and reviewing our life choices. We re-see things we have done or not done, said or not said while on the planet. Some souls do experience momentary anger, but this quickly passes as they realize they are accepted whole-heartedly into spirit. Similarly, I have not heard that envy or fear are present on the other side, as we learn that these feelings are useless in a place of love and light.

Is there a marriage in heaven?  And if there is no marriage in heaven, can I have a romantic partner in heaven?

Spirit beings are connected by love. Marriage is a human concept. In heaven, if you want to share your afterlife with your partner, you do. If your partner passes before you, when it is time to go home (heaven), your partner will be there to greet you.  Love is the glue that keeps us together on the other side.

Do we take our social status with us? Will Queen Elizabeth still be the queen when she passes into spirit? And do we gravitate towards things in spirit based on the condition of our soul?

Nope to all of the above! Heaven is a social leveller. Being the queen really is only a role taken here on Earth to try to progress the soul.  We gravitate toward our soul group as well as the community we engaged with while we were here: i.e., Christians with Christians, Jews with Jews, etc. Why? Because we are comfortable with what we know. However, meeting up with like-minded people in heaven is voluntary. Many souls seek acquaintances in new groups to expand their understanding.

Why don’t Rick and Marty Lagina hire a psychic to use psychometry to find the treasure on Oak Island?
I don’t know, but I’m waiting for their call!

Do celebrities who sell their souls for fame and money go to hell, or are they forgiven? I saw a documentary about a lady who said she sold her soul to the devil, and now regrets it.

Selling your soul is a concept that works in short stories, but not in real life. It is a metaphor, like exchanging your happiness for a job that pays big money, but causes you stress and costs you the people and things you love. Celebrities have their own set of challenges which they attempt to work out. Not all of them do. Being rich and famous is not necessarily an easy life, nor is it a life where one has to sell their soul to live it. It only appears like that to people who cannot relate to the lifestyle.

Is it possible still to communicate in spirit with someone who speaks another language?

The language of spirit is telepathy. I understand messages in foreign languages because they are translated for me. What I hear from spirit are words spoken with an echo-like quality; that’s my clue the spirit person spoke a foreign language. Other times, I see pictures, and can intimate  what’s being said.

Will the Laginas ever find the treasure on Oak Island?

That all depends … but I’m waiting for their call!

Again, thank you all for your marvellous questions. And as they used to say on TV, “Keep those cards and letters coming!”

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me at mail @ And please visit me again!

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