Mother, Please!!

There are several reasons why the spirit of a loved one doesn’t present itself to me in a session. Usually, it’s because the loved one has passed into spirit very recently. Very recently. For example, if that person had succumbed due to a long, debilitating disease, the spirit may not yet have the energy to “pierce the veil” and link in with me. Other times, the spirit doesn’t show itself because the client is emotionally mired in deep grief, and the spirit person doesn’t want its appearance to bring further sadness to the client.

And, then again, there are spirits that can’t wait to touch in with a sitter – even if the sitter doesn’t want to hear from them.

This happened many years ago: Phyllis booked a session two weeks ahead of time. She was a genial, middle-aged lady with a warm smile – until she mentioned her mother.

“I don’t want to hear from my mother,” Phyllis grumbled. “I don’t care what happens or who comes in, but I don’t want to hear from my mother.”

All I could do was hold my phone to my ear (this happened in the time of landlines) and just listen. In the back of my mind, I tried to thumbtack the idea that Phyllis didn’t want to be contacted by her mother’s spirit.

Two weeks later, Phyllis showed up for her session, I centred myself, said a prayer that opened me up to spirit – and guess who showed up first.

As I described the energy I was sensing – a matron-like lady with a penchant for red lipstick and big purses, Phyllis clenched her jaw and sat stone-faced. As I continued speaking, she seemed to grow more uncomfortable, shifting in her seat and her face got redder as I went on—

She blurted out: “I didn’t want to hear from my mother! I told you this over the phone!”

Oops. “I’m sorry,” I said humbly. “I didn’t remember.”

Phyllis mumbled something and the mother energy quickly left. I brought in another spirit for Phyllis, and then another, but all she did was glare at me for the next twenty minutes. I don’t remember what I said that day, but I’ll never forget Phyllis’ look of intense distress. If her eyes could’ve shot laser beams, I would’ve been vaporized.

After the session, I felt bad for Phyllis, because the moments with her mother coloured everything I later said, and whatever useful messages might have come through were lost on her.

The incident with Phyllis came to memory because of a session with another client a few weeks ago.

Sandra did want to hear from her mother, who had passed from cancer. But try as I could, and asking my guides for help, I could not contact Sandra’s mother’s spirit. I described to Sandra the energies I was getting – a German woman wearing a grey apron who made sausages (Sandra’s mother-in-law) and a man who played bagpipes (Sandra’s father). But her mother was not to be had.

Sandra grew disappointed, then angry. When she told me her mother had passed three weeks ago, I suggested that she may have asked to see me too soon – in fact, she had booked the session a day after her mother died!

“Your mother may need time to build her spirit energy,” I said, but Sandra responded angrily: “I thought you could contact anyone.”

I wish that were the case. But the reality is, I’m not in charge of who or what shows up. Spirit is in charge. I’m just the go-between. As I explained earlier, there are reasons why a spirit may not come through. In Sandra’s case, I suggested she wait a few months and try again, to give her mother’s energy time to regroup.

But Sandra would have none of that and, unfortunately, the session ended with hard feelings. Whether Sandra decides to arrange another session with me or not, I hope she gives her mother’s spirit time to acclimate itself to its new reality, so it can visit Sandra and show her love for daughter.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me. And please visit me again!

Photo Credit: Bucarama-TLM

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