Meeting Your Guides and Knowing Yourself

Good day, friends. Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to my blog. For those of you who have never met me, I’m Carolyn Molnar, a psychic medium and teacher with more than 28 years of experience of using intuition to help others.  For my first entry, I’d like to touch on a question that so many of my clients and students ask me: How do I meet my guides?

People ask this question, I sometimes feel, because they are either frustrated that they haven’t felt the presence of their guides, or they are curious and want to know who is helping them.

What I gently tell the person is that he/she must trust. You are not alone, I say. No one walks alone.

Briefly, a guide is a helper: an ascended being who is a messenger from a higher realm. Actually, we have many guides, each with his/her/its own area of expertise, and each guide comes to us when we need some help in a certain area. For example, I certainly feel the presence of a being who is helping my words flow. (And, I hope, correcting my grammar!)

In terms of individuals who want to meet their guides, I’ve met three types of people:

1) Those who have met their higher helpers.

2) Those who haven’t, and seem frustrated.

3) Those who haven’t, but aren’t concerned, because they know and trust that Spirit works with them.

Those in the first group often experience their guides when they meditate. Other times, they feel a strong presence that might suggest a Native American shaman, an Asian wise man/woman, the archangel Michael, or any other kindred soul.

If you feel like you are in the second group, let me say again: Trust. If you need help in a certain area of your life – with a relationship, a work problem, a family matter, the correct word for your poem, whatever – close your eyes for a moment and silently ask for help. Tell the Universe that you are willing to be guided toward a solution to your problem. Then, wait for the answer.  It does not always come immediately.  And accept any answer that seems to come to you intuitively.

As for group number three, here’s a story told me by English medium Peter Egan. In his talk “Who Knows?”, given at Cober Hill, a spiritual retreat near Scarborough, England, he told the story of a South African medium named Mrs. James, who was quite popular in the 1930s.

Mrs. James never sought to know her guides, and trusted that Spirit worked with her and through her. But on her deathbed, Mrs. James asked Spirit if she could meet her guide. As the woman watched, a glow appeared at the foot of her bed. A human form began to take shape, and Mrs. James raised herself up on her elbows to finally meet the wise and friendly presence who had helped her all her life.

“Who are you?” she asked quietly.

The spirit smiled. “I am you,” she replied.

Mrs. James, recognizing herself – her higher self – returned the smile.

If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. Please use the form on my Contact page, and feel free to visit me again!

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