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Carolyn Molnar  is with Roberta Grimes on Seek Reality for the fourth time. She tells us that she hears often now from young people who are stressed to the point of despair by some of the problems of modern living, who are surprisingly contacting her for help. She and Roberta talk about what may be causing these added problems for young people, and what might perhaps be done to help them.


Developing your Psychic Abilities with Carolyn Molnar : Metaphysical Mentor Michael Philpott
Have you ever wanted to develop your psychic abilities? What about learning to become a medium? Join me and one of my teachers Carolyn Molnar as we talk about her teaching style and some fun experiences, along with some invaluable techniques that I still use today.


The Mystic Drop EP11 Carolyn Molnar on Spirituality, Her journey as a PSYCHIC/MEDIUM & REINCARNATION.


HauntingLIVE! Podcast is a weekly Paranormal Podcast broadcasting LIVE Paranormal investigations and host Interviews with Mediums & Paranormal Guests.  This week we welcome guest Carolyn Molnar, Psychic Medium to the podcast. We talk to her about her journey through her Psychic and Mediumship development and also what the difference between the two are and some of her experiences as a Medium.



Mystic Monday Live with Femme Tarot:  How to Develop your Psychic abilities featuring psychic medium Carolyn Molnar


Femme Tarot from Mystic Voices discusses being psychic with renowned psychic medium Carolyn Molnar.  (Femme Tarot:  The video had to be edited down as it ran over 1 hour and 20. My apologies for the technical issues, as Carolyn very well said,  “Spirit loves to play with electronics” plus, the video was recorded during the peak of Mercury Retrograde!)


Kate from At Home Radio discusses “How To Spot A ‘Psychic’ Scammer” with psychic medium Carolyn Molnar.  The talk centres around some of the tricks scammers use to relieve you of YOUR money in very unethical ways! Be on the alert and always do some research!


Journal-ish is a small production company based in Toronto, Canada. With a curiosity about the world and the people in it, they create videos that capture a glimpse into someone else’s life.  Getting to Know a Psychic Medium is a candid interview about Carolyn’s views on her work.


Welcome to the 12th episode of the Dare To Talk Podcast! In this episode, I spoke with Toronto based psychic medium Carolyn Molnar about her experiences with spirit and how anyone can communicate with the other side. The Dare To Talk Podcast explores the mind, body, and spirit – inviting guests to discuss their passions and experiences.


Life Continuing with host Tania Berg shares a fun and informative interview with Carolyn. Carolyn talks about how she became a professional medium, stories about her mentor, Sadie and their extraordinary connection, Carolyn’s popular YouTube videos including one titled ‘Do Spirit Watch Us In The Shower’!, teaching psychic development classes, her part in the Vice TV show Mister Tachyon: Do Humans Have a Sixth Sense and her unique one-woman play at the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival are discussed. We also talk about her three books and complimentary meditation downloads on her website, and more. And we share some laughs too!


Roberta Grimes, Seek Reality, talks to Carolyn Molnar about her work which is worldwide, teaching mediumship and helping others to develop their gifts. In her third Seek Reality appearance, she talks about her new book, What?! You’re a Medium?, in which she amusingly tells her own story of development and offers tips for others.


A Psychic Medium Visits Us To Reach The Spirit World
From television personality Jennifer Valentyne’s Facebook page: My mother and father have passed away, so we invited a psychic medium Carolyn Molnar to help connect us through the spirit world. Everything was raw and recorded in real time. The animals acted strange and the camera shut off by itself at a important moment.


Psychic medium Carolyn Molnar talks about developing your psychic nature with Roberta Grimes, Seek Reality.


Psychic medium Carolyn Molnar discusses her book, Compassionate Messenger with Roberta Grimes, Seek Reality.


Interview by Kimberly Montgomery, Quantum Healer
Kimberly, a quantum healing hypnosis practitioner and Carolyn Molnar talked about the process of connecting with loved ones in spirit while doing our respective work.


Carolyn Molnar Interview (2017)        
Aida Oquendo, 3rd year film production student at York University (2017), talks with Toronto psychic medium Carolyn Molnar


The Messenger is a short documentary that profiles my work through interviews, readings and coverage of the Medium7 event in Toronto. Directed by local filmmaker Shailen Asnani.


Audio Interviews

Your Golden Hour, Muriam Turcott, Your Golden Hour (2) Psychic Medium Carolyn Molnar (audio only)

We Don’t Die Radio With Sandra Champlain, Episode 290 Carolyn Molnar – Afterlife Author, Medium and Instructor (audio only)

The Creative Imbalance, Carolyn Molnar (Psychic/Medium): Episode 64, hosted by Sean Siriani (audio only)

Learning About Mental Mediumship at the Women’s Wellness Circle With Karen Armstrong (YouTube)



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