"Gracious and gentle, author and psychic medium Carolyn Molnar's soothing voice invites even the most fearful client to take a deep breath and relax."  

Psychics and Mediums In Canada, Deborah Vaughan and Jean Porche, Dundurn Press, 2005

After graduating from Brock University (St, Catharines, ON) with an honours degree in French, Carolyn Molnar became a full time psychic medium. She utilizes over 30 years experience of psychic training to coach and instruct others to tap into and to utilize their inherent intuitive abilities.  She also provides readings for those clients looking for psychic or mediumistic messages.  See "Consultations" page for more information. 

Carolyn brings her enthusiasm, integrity and extensive knowledge to her clients as she inspires, motivates and invites her diverse client base to achieve the desire to learn more about the intuitive self.  She takes the mysterious and presents it as everyday, down-to-earth, natural behaviour.

Her journey began when she posed spiritual questions that could not be answered by conventional means.  This thirst for knowledge started her upon the greatest odyssey she would ever know – to know herself and the gifts she brought into this lifetime to share with others.  Her spiritual consulting practice focuses on compassion, integrity, honesty and clarity.  Carolyn combines her practical and organized nature as an administrator, grounded in order, with her intuitive side.  Home and hearth inspire her and balance her as she integrates them into her work.

Her book It Is Time: Knowledge From The Other Side, and her meditation CDs Manifest Your Destiny, Strengthen The Light Within and Deepen Your Spirituality let people explore their soul's purpose and experience their own inner peace. 

In her book, Compassionate Messenger: True Stories From A Psychic Medium (Dundurn Press), you’ll read positive, life-affirming true stories about people who have experienced contact with their friends and loved ones on the other side of life. Their emotional stories touch us all: from the ghost of a lost young boy to the mother who desperately wants to live long enough to see her daughter graduate high school, and to the courageous young woman whose death is mourned by a whole community: These healing stories and others will demonstrate that even though we pass on, our love never dies.

In addition, Carolyn was featured in the books Medium7:  Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions, and Psychics and Mediums in Canada.  She has been profiled in the Toronto Star, the National Post, The Globe and Mail, and was the Canadian Correspondent for Psychic News, the Spiritualist journal published in England. She has also appeared on:

  • Mr. Tachyon:  On The Edge Of Science - Sixth Sense, Season 1 Episode 1
  • Mind Trip - Explorations of the Paranormal on Discovery Channel
  • Daytime Toronto, Rogers Cable TV
  • First Take Live with CHEX TV, hosted by Garth Riley
  • Durham Today with Rita Nav
  • Body Mind Spirit in Motion with Jill Hewlett

Readers of The North York Mirror newspaper voted her “Favourite Psychic” two years in a row. Please see the Media List page for more information. 

Carolyn has further developed her mediumship, studying in Cleveland, Ohio and Lily Dale, New York with Sharon Klingler, Cober Hill, North Yorkshire, England with Stewart Alexander, and at the internationally renowned institution, Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, England.

Her present focus is  to provide psychic and/or mediumistic messages; and to train and coach individuals to recognize and enhance their innate gifts of intuition and their practical usage through trust and faith.  

Carolyn believes intuition is accessible to everyone.  There is a process and this personal, hands-on, experiential teaching is what Carolyn offers you to discover how to develop and build on the intuition that is innately yours.

Please visit her YouTube Channel for more videos that answer some of her readers' questions about her work and the afterlife. 

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Carolyn Molnar
Toronto Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

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