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Facebook has just classified me as a “grey.” No, not one of those greys from the Pleiades or whatever dimension ETs come from. My Facebook account has been given the designation “grey,” meaning my page is “a security issue.” Seems that some trolls have tried to get into my account and failed, so Facebook finds it easier to deep-six me than fix me.

In other words, Facebook is unhappy with me and vice versa, so I’ve decided to shut down my account and leave Facebook for good.

Take that, Meta-verse!

I think Mark Zuckerberg & co. are miffed at me because I set up a business account first, not a personal account, and Facebook doesn’t like that. They want personal accounts first – after all, they need to collect all the personal information on me they can sell that data to advertisers – how else is this supposedly free site able to make money?

I could be wrong, but try to get the straight poop from them. First of all, there’s no telephone number to call to speak to an operator or techie to iron any issue out. I’ve tried to call them and it drove me nuts (number is disconnected so don’t bother trying) – so I tried emailing someone there. Has anyone ever tried that and gotten a response that might have been possibly generated by a human? You might as well email a tree. Conclusion: When you have a problem, you’re left to your own devices.

Facebook is pretty faceless.

When I first announced I was leaving Facebook, a number of people emailed me, writing, “Oh, how will I stay in touch with you?” and “I won’t be able to read your blogs or see your videos anymore.” Well, my videos are still on YouTube and my blogs will always be on my website. And there will still be other ways to reach me.

What’s most interesting is a little article in Fortean Times, one of my husband’s favourite magazines. It stated that when Facebook announced it was rebranding its parent company as “Meta,” the move caused an avalanche of hilarity in Israel. Because in Hebrew, “Meta” means “dead.”

Well, I’m still very much alive. But when it comes to the internet, I’ll be living elsewhere.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to contact me through this website. And please visit me again!

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