As I tuned into Emma’s energy, I was overwhelmed by the number of spirit people who wanted to touch in with her. I felt like I was walking into one of those big family reunions where everyone introduces themselves to you at once. I was hearing father… mother… brother… cousins… grandma…

My goodness, I thought, so many spirit people for someone who is so young…

Emma was a striking woman in her late-40s, though she could have passed for someone decades younger. A stylish dresser, Emma worked in high-end fashion marketing. Her smile came easy, but I intuited a sadness behind her eyes that she had learned to live with quite well.

“There are so many people around you who have passed into spirit,” I began.

“Yes,” she said. “I’m the last person in my family alive.”

That took me aback. Emma was so young, and to have lost so many people over the years – it must’ve been heartbreaking to go to so many funerals. Nevertheless, I centred myself and mentally advised spirit that if they wanted to connect with Emma, they had to get in an orderly line. To help out, I asked my guides to act like ushers.

Emma recognized the spirit people I described as they came to me, and her dad was hesitant to let others have their turn. Emma laughed, saying her father, who passed from a stroke at a young age, was just like that. He had several messages for Emma, which she could take, then finally stepped aside and another family member came through.

Interestingly, several spirit people commented on Emma’s marriage. She hadn’t mentioned a spouse and I didn’t feel a husband or wife energy around her. Yet my curiosity got the better of me and as our session closed, I asked her why everyone was talking about getting married.

“I’m not married,” she said. “Not even dating.” She sighed. “I’m the end of the line, and on my own.” She added that she often spent holidays with friends; they were her extended family.

I was glad Emma wasn’t a total hermit, yet was also saddened by Emma’s sense of loss and familial loneliness. She had no family to celebrate birthdays with, no kinfolk to share memories with. And I understood what it meant being “the end of the line”: There was no one in my family to carry on the family name. My parents had three girls, and we’ve all married and taken our husband’s name.

“I don’t know why there was so many mentions of marriage,” Emma said. “I’m not interested in finding someone if I’m just going to end up losing them.”

The proverbial light bulb lit up on the top of my head. Now I understood what all those marriage messages were about – not that they wanted her to get married, but they wanted Emma to open her heart for a chance at finding love. Her spirit people didn’t want her to be alone. They knew that, inside, she was hurting, and wanted her to be brave and experience meeting someone new. I told Emma this, and she listened with a stoic expression.

“Well,” she said with a shrug, “if it happens, it happens.”

Speaking those words, I felt an energy shift in Emma, and I hoped she’d stay with it. Life is full of possibilities, and we should always stay open to the little miracles life throws our way. If Emma never gets married, so be it – but I hope she has at least comes to realize that if you look too hard at something that might end, you’ll miss the beauty and excitement of something that might just be a beginning.

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