Just Breathe

Sundara told me this was her first session with a psychic medium. We were seeing each other via Zoom, and the first thing I noticed about her were her dark eyes. There was a deep passion in her eyes, but they looked tired. I tuned into her energy and, thankfully, she did not seem depressed. Perhaps she’d had a rough night’s sleep. Or she was just hesitant; many people are reserved their first time getting a reading. So I chatted with her for a bit about everything and nothing, just to put her at ease.

Then I asked how I could help her, and her next words surprised me.

“Sometimes I feel – how can I put it?” She thought a moment. “It’s like an overwhelming tsunami of grief and sadness washes over me. Some days, I don’t even feel grounded. But it’s not a constant thing. It’ll strike me all of a sudden, like when I’m doing yoga. Or sitting on a bench in the park in the shade of a tree. I’m looking over a field of grass and suddenly feel like, ‘What’s the point?’”

I shared with her that she wasn’t the only person I’d spoken with recently who had expressed a similar sense of listlessness. Especially since the pandemic has made such a dent in our lives. I’ve received dozens of emails from people who feel lost and ungrounded; their world and comfortable sense of place has been upended and they feel like they’re in a free-fall.

“I put it out to the universe, asking, ‘Why do I feel this way?’” she said. “But I get no answer.”

I asked how she had been spending the last few months.

“Mostly cocooning at home,” she said. “Sometimes I leave the condo and feel such sadness, I have to go back home.”

Now I was beginning to understand, thanks to a few whispers from my guides. “Sundara, are you empathetic?”

Her silence answered my question. People who are empathetic tend to feel and sometimes even intensify within themselves the emotions of those around them, I explained. “You’re not alone like that. Lots of people are holding grief for the planet because of the pandemic. They feel a great loss when they hear about the death of loved ones. The grieve their loss of freedom, they grieve the loss of the old way of life, they grieve because they’re helpless, and angry about their helplessness. And those who are more sensitive to everyone’s grief energy are susceptible to falling into a place of personal sorrow, grief, anger and even thoughts of suicide.”

“Suicide!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never thought that.”

That’s good, I told her. “Empathetic people who don’t know how to release the pain they’re experiencing often contemplate leaving the planet. But there’s a better solution. Meditate. I’m not saying go out and buy a prayer rug and all the New Age accoutrements. Just sit in a comfy chair in a quiet place and clear your personal space by imagining that you’re surrounded by white light and positive energy. A few minutes a day should do it, or do it whenever you feel jittery.”

Meditation is a good way to release anxiety, I added. Think of it this way: The planet meditates. It holds energy and when things get too chaotic, then it breathes the negativity out. It comes in waves – exhaling and inhaling. Letting go so the planet can breathe again.”
“The planet breathes the same way we do,” Sundara said with a chuckle. “Except I get to sit in a comfy chair and relax.”
“You got it,” I said. “Just breathe.”

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