Jim Croce Memories

Elizabeth’s husband of 31 years died suddenly and she made a Zoom video appointment with me on the second anniversary of his passing. This was not her first session with a medium, she told me right off the bat. She said this with a friendly smile and spoke in a pleasant voice, so I didn’t feel like she was either trying to test me or compare me to other readers. But I did get the sense that she was uncomfortable about something.

“I’ve done research,” Elizabeth said, and I watched her going through some notes on her desk.

“Good,” I said. “I like working with people who are informed about my work.”

Finding what she was looking for, she gazed at me. “I want your opinion about something,” she said with a smile. “I read all these stories about people who, after they die, come back to see their loved ones. Especially when there was a strong bond. You must see these spirit people all the time. Yet my husband, Ted, has never appeared to me. He’s never tried to contact me. Why is that?”

I paused a moment and asked my guides to help bring forth Ted’s presence. But the radio playing softly on Elizabeth’s side of the Zoom meeting was distracting me. I shook it off.

“Truthfully, Elizabeth, I rarely ‘see’ spirit in the same way I see you,” I said, choosing my words carefully. “Full-body apparitions are as rare as paper dollar bills, and it’s only happened twice in my life. But in my mind, I can often visualize the person in spirit. Or get a sense of who the person was when they were on the Earth plane.”

“Are you getting a sense of Ted?” she pressed.

Again, I tried connecting, but the soft music in the background felt like waves of static in my head. I don’t know why some clients Zoom me with a TV or radio going in the background. One Zoom client was even cooking breakfast while I was trying to focus on her reading!

My momentary silence was enough for Elizabeth to hold a book up to her screen. “Have you ever heard of Silver Birch?” she asked. I nodded, familiar with the channeled entity who had ‘authored’ several tomes, but rather than explain myself, I let Elizabeth continue.

“It says here,” she said, opening to a page, “There is no compulsion for a spirit to come back. It is not a very attractive world to return to when you have tasted some of the ineffable joys, beauty, and radiance that are available in the spirit world. It requires a sacrifice to return, to approach earth’s atmosphere, which is gloomy, dark, dank, and most unwelcoming.’”

She closed the book. “Is that why Ted hasn’t come back, because he doesn’t want to? Or he finds this world or me depressing?”

I didn’t feel that was the case. But the song in the background was making me feel melancholy. Where had I heard it before? Then I realized the music wasn’t coming from Elizabeth’s side of our video chat. It was the radio in my head, tuned to WSPIRIT.

“Elizabeth, does the song ‘Time In a Bottle’ mean anything to you?”

She gasped. “Jim Croce was Ted’s favourite songwriter. Lately, I seem to be hearing it all the time on the radio.”

The moment Elizabeth acknowledged my words, images flooded my mind. I saw someone with thinning hair and an aquiline nose. I tasted dark chocolate (yummy!) and felt the presence of a learned man – someone connected with the justice system. When I related those impressions, Elizabeth confirmed them all, plus a few more I added to the mix.

“But why does he appear to you and not to me?” she asked, frustration in her voice.

“He does come to you, more times probably than you’re probably aware of. People often expect their loved ones to visit them the same way a neighbour would pop over and knock on your door. Spirit doesn’t work like that. Instead, they send you clues – little signifiers at first, like a scent or lights that blink on and off in your home. Or, maybe like in your case, a song that’s significant. And when we accept those little gifts from spirit, we open ourselves up to more.”

“When I hear ‘Time In A Bottle,’ I always think of Ted,” she said.

“And he’s telling me he appreciates that,” I said, and passed her more messages from Ted, and then Elizabeth’s mother wanted to connect with her for a bit.

After our session, curious about why that song meant so much to the couple, I looked it up on the Internet. Hearing Jim Croce’s soulful voice brought back a few of my own memories. What about you? I dare you to listen and not think of someone important to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO1rMeYnOmM

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