In 2010 – Be More Creative!

You don’t have to paint a picture or write a poem to be considered “creative”. Here’s the honest truth – everyone is creative. That’s because life is a creative task. Put simply, we create intentions, then shape the world to make those intentions become our reality. So, in 2010, I want this to be your No. 1 resolution: “Be More Creative!” Let me tell you how you can easily do it.

Where does creativity begin? In our minds, of course, but I also believe creativity comes from a higher source – the divine – in the form of inspiration. The word “inspiration” actually means “God’s breath”, and ancient mystics believed the angels whispered ideas into people’s heads. Mozart, one of humanity’s most brilliant composers, said he heard the music in his head and then transcribed it onto paper. Listen to Mozart’s “Requiem”: It will touch your soul. Stephen Spielberg has said that his film “ET” began, in part, as a dream. And what a beautiful movie that was.

But creativity isn’t all God’s breath. A lot is up to our own huffing and puffing. We have to be that Little Engine Who Could, and keep repeating “I think I can, I think I can” as we climb each hill. As Einstein said, “Genius is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.”

Recognize the divine power within yourself, tap into that inspiration and use it to create the life you want. And how do you do that? Simple: Make some quiet time each day to focus on the peace that is within. I know this sounds like a contradiction, but within that stillness is a voice. Call it your higher self, the voice of reason or God’s breath – but it’s there, and it knows what you want and how you can get it. The seeds of creativity are within you now. Use your inner wisdom to shape your life and create – well, what do you want? (Hint: The possibilities are endless.)

Here are a couple ways to tune into the inspiration and begin your creative process:

1.     Meditate. Clear your mind of life’s clutter and allow inspiration in to visit. Set aside some time each day as your sacred time to just relax. You don’t need to chant or go into a trance or sit cross-legged on the floor. Just turn off your cell phone and sit still in the silence. Or, if you’d like, put on some soft music (classical or New Age artists like Merlin’s Magic, 2002 or Steven Halpern are good). Do this for consistently and discover how refreshed you feel; I love meditation’s healing and restorative powers as well as the peace it produces.

2.    Yoga is another form of mindfulness. It’s an excellent form of exercise to connect with your chi, the divine energy that flows through your body. Plus, the simple exercises tone your body, get your circulation going, and raise your vibration level. Another plus: Yoga classes allow you to experience a group energy of like-minded individuals. And as the saying goes, “When like-minds come together, great things can happen.”

3.    Walking is a form of meditation AND exercise. A good mind-clearing walk in the park – which Doreen Virtue calls “the chance to meet your nature angels” – will help you tune into a higher source for inspiration. But even if you walk through your neighbourhood, and the only trees you see are on people’s lawns, it’s good to get outside and clear your mind. The act of putting one foot before the next is like listening to a rhythmic mantra, and you’ll be surprised at how your mind-clearing walk allows creativity to flow in. Bring a writing instrument and paper to record any thoughts during your mindful walk.  

4.     The next step (pun intended) in walking – find a labyrinth. Some friends have created one on their farm and they use it as a meditative device, walking the circular path for about 20 minutes. They swear walking the labyrinth brings them renewed inspiration. It is also a very spiritual exercise. The Toronto Labyrinth Network ( ) lists several labyrinths in the area – many of them free and open to the public – and numerous ones worldwide.

Inspiration comes from your higher source. When we learn to tap into this source, we can use it to create intention (our dreams), energy (the power we have to make our dreams real) and flow (the ability to live our dreams and share them with others). But the key ingredient is creativity.  Inspiration without energy is a daydream, and energy without inspiration is a rudderless ship going around in circles. But inspiration combined with energy allows us to create (there’s that “creativity” word again!) whatever we want.

What’s your dream? Can you create it? Of course you can!! You have all of 2010 to do it. So what are you waiting for?

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