My husband, a freelance writer, sends holiday cards to all his clients. “You should send cards to your clients, too,” he said, licking envelope number 30, then quickly grabbing a glass of water. What a wonderful idea, I thought; what a lovely way to thank all the people who over the years have trusted this psychic medium to help them connect with their loved ones in spirit. Then I suddenly realized that mailing cards to clients was impossible – and that was probably a very good thing.

You see, I don’t keep any records on my clients. I have no client files, and keep no addresses or phone numbers. All I have is a day planner, in which I write the names and contact telephone number of people when they call (or email) for an appointment. I have to do this because I can’t juggle all the names, dates and times in my head – plus, I need to produce proof if the tax man (or woman) wants to know how many clients I see in a year.

Of course, this system occasionally produces a faux pas, like when a client comes to see me again a year or two later, and I go to greet her at my door. With a warm smile I’ll introduce myself and thank her for coming, and she’ll stand there puzzled for a moment, before hesitantly asking, “Carolyn… Don’t you remember me?”

Ooops… But if I do start to get an inkling, I immediately shut it off, because I want each reading to be fresh, with new information. Though, I must admit, some spirit people are more easily recognized than their in-the-flesh relatives. Such as the Scottish matriarch who always comes in when her daughter visits – I detect the delicious smell of fresh shortbread and Scotch eggs, and then I hear the woman’s gentle laugh. (Hmmmm… I wonder if I can send holiday cards to my clients’ spirit people?)

But the most important reason I don’t keep information about my clients is I respect their privacy. I want people who come to see me to know that whatever is said in my office stays in my office. And after they leave, there is no record of what was discussed, which spirits came by for them, or what messages those spirit provided – except for the tape of our session that they take home.

So I want to take this moment now and wish all my clients, friends, and Internet browsers who stop by to read my blogs a very happy holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Peaceful Ramadan, Cheery Solstice, and if you’re an atheist, then Have a Nice December! (Goodness, I hope I’ve covered everyone!)

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, and thank you for recommending me to your friends. Thank you for attending my message events in Toronto and at Into The Mystik in Bolton, and I appreciate you for being at my CD release parties in Bolton and in Port Hope. And I look forward to seeing you again next year in Canada, England and Lily Dale.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, please write me at mail @ carolynmolnar.com . And please visit me again!

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