Two days before he died, Jack told Sandra, “After I go, I’d like you to get in touch with me. But give it some time. Let me get settled on the other side.” Several months later, contact was made – but not in the way Jack might have planned it.

Sandra and Jack had been best friends since elementary school. Though they went to different universities, they kept in touch by telephone, through greeting cards and, later, email. After graduation, both returned to Toronto. Sandra introduced Jack to Victoria, who became his wife, and the couple attended the wedding of Sandra and Leo. As Sandra and Jack lived into their 50’s, both became spiritual in their own ways – Sandra grew closer to her church, and Jack embraced Buddhism. The idea of the eternal soul intrigued him.

Moving forward several years, Jack was diagnosed with liver cancer, which quickly metastasized through his body. He entered a hospice, and Sandra visited him often. They talked about their feelings of the afterlife, and Jack confessed that he’d once seen a medium. The experience had been quite profound, as the medium had connected him with his parents who had passed when Jack was a teenager. This, he said, was a great comfort, and made him more firmly believe in the continuous existence of the soul.

Two days before he died, Sandra saw Jack. Her spirit was heavy – in her heart, she knew this was the last time she’d see him alive. Though he was bedridden and frail, he found the strength to lift his hand, place it on Sandra’s and say, “After I go, I’d like you to get in touch with me….”

The funeral was packed; Jack was popular in the community. Sandra’s husband, consoled her, and listened compassionately whenever she spoke of treasured memories. They talked about the times the two couples had gotten together to see a movie, or celebrate New Year’s Eve or an anniversary. When Sandra’s third grandchild was born, she suggested he be named Jack. (The boy’s parents went with Edward.) And as time crept on, Sandra thought less and less of her dear friend.

Until last week.

Sandra woke from a deep sleep with Jack on her mind. He seemed so close, she felt for a moment that he was in the room with her. She said his name, almost expecting him to answer.

As she dressed to go into work, her mind went to a meeting the company president had called. She felt stressed, and remembered how she used to call Jack whenever she felt stressed, and he would console her. Jack was such a comforter. She dismissed the dream as wishful thinking.

But the next night, she dreamed of Jack again. He urged her to get on the Internet and look up someone. A name that seemed familiar from somewhere. Find my medium, she thought he had said.

She awoke, startled. Dreaming of Jack two nights in row… She wondered, was it coincidence? Or…? Giving in to her curiosity, she Googled “Toronto medium” and found the name that seemed familiar to her.

And now Sandra was sitting in my office. After telling me her story, she said, “I think Jack was sending me a message. I’m not sure why he wanted me to find you. But I remember him telling me once that he went to you for a reading.” She paused a moment, then slowly shook her head. “Honestly, I’m not even sure that Jack has the ability to enter my dreams.”

“For sure, some dreams are memory movies that play in our mind,” I said. “But let me explain something called ‘visitations’. When we’re asleep, we’re most open to visits from the spirit world, especially loved ones who want to touch in with us. It’s easier for them to enter our subconscious mind because we’re more receptive, more at peace. So, let’s see if I can connect with Jack and see what he wants.”

While I didn’t recall reading for Jack – I see hundreds of clients every year – I concentrated on the picture of Jack that Sandra had brought with her. I felt a broad-shouldered man with a Welsh connection step forward. He was holding a lotus and pointing to his robe and sandals. Sandra confirmed that Jack’s parents were from Wales, and Jack was a Buddhist who believed that in his past life, he’d worn the saffron-coloured robe of a monk.

“He wants to tell you he’s fine and, yes, the soul does live on after the transition we call death,” I said. Then Jack said a few personal things for Sandra to end the session on an empowering note.

As I walked Sandra to the door, I felt light-headed and amazed. “This is the first time that I ever read for a client in the flesh, and then contacted him in the spirit world,” I said. “I feel so honoured that he connected with you, and had you connect with me. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, thank Jack,” she said. Sandra shrugged on her coat, then said, “Now that I’ve done what he asked, do you think Jack will stop coming to me in my dreams?”

“Not at all,” I said. “Now that he knows you’re open to spirit contact, he’ll feel welcome to visit. But don’t wait for him to make the first move. Talk to him whenever you’d like – even when you’re wide awake.”

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