Find My Body

Ralph, a former student, telephoned me after a nightmare he has had periodically for several years. It began after something he experienced when he was a member of a soul rescue circle.

A soul rescue circle is an intense mediumship circle. Basically, the participants enter a deep meditation, then psychically reach out to souls in limbo and help them cross into the light. These souls may be unaware they have passed, or are afraid to enter the spirit world because they’re afraid of what they’ll encounter, or they feel guilty or ashamed because of what they’ve done on Earth and believe they’re not worthy of “heaven.”

Have you ever seen the TV show Rescue Mediums? It’s like that, but soul rescue is done by a like-minded group and members support and empower each other, and their intention is pure: to do only the highest and best.

Ralph said he joined the circle because he was new to meditation and wanted to learn more about the practice. This was about seven years ago. The group was advertised in a local New Age magazine and it was the only meditation group he could find in the community where he used to live.

(For anyone interested in joining a meditation circle, I suggest contacting a Spiritualist centre or church once Covid is over. There, people will gently help you feel comfortable with meditation. While soul rescue circles have noble intentions, they’re best for those who are well versed in meditation and are comfortable with the practice of trance and mediumship.)

After about three months of attending the group, Ralph had an experience that affected him profoundly. He told me:
“I had been attending the circle for a couple month, and I never felt anything,” he said slowly. “Then, one evening, I was in meditation and suddenly felt like I was floating in the air at night, looking down at a rural highway. For some reason, I felt I was in the Midwest in the States, like Kansas or Iowa. It was really in the middle of nowhere. And lying in a ditch at the side of the road, face down, there was a young woman’s body. Her arms were splayed out at her side. I felt she’d been murdered. And in my head, I heard her say, ‘Find my body. Find my body.’

“The group always encouraged us to talk about what we were seeing so other members could help by giving strength to each other and the soul so we could help it into the light. But I was too shocked to say anything. I suddenly came out of the meditation and sat stunned for the rest of the night.

“Carolyn, I wanted to help her, but I didn’t know what to do. What should I have done?”
I told Ralph the best thing to have done was to call in the young woman’s guides and angels, as well as her relatives in spirit to help her transition.

“Though she may have died tragically,” I explained, “you could help the soul understand that her physical body is no longer important. She has a new body. An etheric body. Her soul might have been stuck on the Earth plane because she was still grounded. She’s so focused on her physical body, she couldn’t make the transition.”

I tried tuning into the presence Ralph had been experiencing, but was unsuccessful. Perhaps the young woman’s body had been discovered by now. I prayed this was the case, and told Ralph my feelings.

“Ralph, I believe your nightmare may have been just a residual memory from that night with the circle,” I said.  
Ralph blew out a long breath. “I feel better already. But I still wish that, when I had the chance, I could’ve helped that woman. And maybe others like her.”

“That sounds good. But tell me first – are you still meditating?” I asked him.

He blew out another breath, then sheepishly admitted he’d let his meditation practice lapse. I suggested he get back into it, perhaps by getting a book about meditation from the library and begin again. And when Covid lifts, find a Spiritualist centre and join a meditation group.

“Then,” I said, “when you feel strong in your practice, let the universe know you’d like to join a soul rescue circle. And if the universe thinks you’re ready, an opportunity will present itself.”

Ralph thanked me for the advice, then we chatted a bit about our families. After we hung up, I went into the living room, put on a Liquid Mind CD, lay down on my yoga mat, closed my eyes and welcomed the serenity as I began to meditate.
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