What amazes and intrigues me about my work is when I meet people who say they don’t believe in spirits and the supernatural – and then go on to tell me about something miraculous and inexplicable that happened to them.

This occurred several times at a recent book fair, held at the Central Library in Burlington, Ontario. My husband, Benjamin, was among thirty or so local authors invited to meet the reading public and offer their books for sale. My display featured Compassionate Messenger: True Stories From A Psychic Medium, a collection of stories about my experiences as a psychic medium, and a guided meditation CD.

Library patrons flowed by in waves to check out the authors, whose works ranged from mystery stories to mystical New Age philosophy. Benjamin was at the corner of a long row of tables, and did his best to keep a friendly smile pasted on his face.

Whenever anyone wandered close enough for a sales pitch, he sprang into action describing the book: “They’re true stories, and each one has a lesson about spirituality,” and then talked about my work as if it was the most interesting thing on the planet. (Well, it is!) “And this is a guided meditation CDs, with music, we wrote to help you explore and strengthen your spirituality.”

Typical responses from the skeptic patrons were “Hmmmm,” or the more emphatic, “Ummm-hmmm?” Some even said, “Oh, really?”, and gave a flick of the eyebrows as if the book had been written by Severus Snape. But a moment later, their interest would wane, and they’d turn to move on to check out what was on the next table. Yet more often then not, just before leaving, they’d have a story of their own.

“Y’know,” one fellow said, “I was at a friend’s funeral recently. Her mother was 62 when she died, and her daughter was very close to her. As the minister was finishing the service, a baby deer came out of the woods, walked up to my friend and placed its head against her chest. And standing not twenty feet away, the mother deer was watching. Then the baby deer lifted its head and scampered back to its mother, and the two vanished into the forest. We were all amazed.”

Yes, I thought, hearing the story later. Spirit is amazing in the way it can impress itself on nature to give us a message.

One woman paused at the table, picked up the book and began reading the comments on the back, scanning the words as if she was reading the nutritional content on a box of breakfast cereal. She then lay the item back in its place. Benjamin tried, but no amount of sales pitch would interest her in buying the book.

She took a step away from the table, then turned back and said, “You won’t believe what happened to me. After my father died, I was with my family at our parents’ house, and in the corner of my eye, I saw my father walk past us and go down the hall and disappear. He looked so real, I could’ve touched him! Then, that night, I dreamed he was sitting in his favourite chair, reading the newspaper. Suddenly, the whole scene went white. And then I woke up. Crazy, wasn’t it?”

Not at all, I wish I could’ve said to her. Your father is letting you know he crossed over into the light, and he’s doing fine.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be at the book fair due to a prior commitment. And just as unfortunately, Benjamin only sold one meditation CD. But he did enjoy kibitzing with other local authors, and he collected plenty of stories from people who may not have had an interest in psychic mediums, but were intrigued about the afterlife and weren’t afraid to share their curiosity.

And how many of these wonderful stories have you heard?

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to write me at mail @ carolynmolnar.com. And please visit me again!


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