Moving Your Mediumship to the Next Level - Lily Dale, NY

Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 9:30 am - Friday, September 02, 2016 12:30 pm
Duration: 2 Days, 3 Hours

Moving Your Mediumship to the Next Level

You can always deliver compassionate and powerful messages filled with heart and hope, whether you’re speaking one-on-one with a client, or before a congregation at a Spiritualist church. In this informative and interactive workshop, you’ll build on your mediumship skills in new ways to deliver compassionate messages that empower your clients while you tactfully and tenderly give the not-so-great news that people sometimes need to hear. We’ll also practice different styles of delivering messages. This seminar is great for intermediate and advanced mediums, and those who are eager to strengthen their intuitive gifts and speak their truth in a compassionate, empowering manner.


A brief background on how mediumship affects our emotions. Hands-on exercises will let you discover your intuitive strengths, as well as help you begin to develop new clairs! Using meditation, we’ll connect with our guides, angels, and the spirit people who want to help us sharpen our message delivery skills.


Nurture yourself while being a message-bearer, and avoid burn-out! We’ll also practice mediumship techniques, then role-play various scenarios of how to tell clients, fellow church-members and others messages in a positive, uplifting manner. Experience the joy of being a compassionate messenger.


Weather permitting, we’ll visit Inspiration Stump and the Forest Temple during non-service hours to give participants the chance to experience the energy of public message work.  At the end of class, students may elect to give a message during a scheduled message service at the Forest Temple or the Stump. Here’s your chance to receive one-on-one feedback! (Times to be arranged with the instructor.)

Lily Dale Assembly
5 Melrose Park
PO Box 248
Lily Dale, NY 14752

Phone: (716) 595-8721
Fax: (716) 595-2442

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