“Psyched:  What You Don’t Know About Mediumship”: 

A captivating documentary film that
exposes the effects of mediumship on the
physical and mental health of mediums, and
gives a fascinating look at the people whose
otherworldly work is often shrouded in mystery.



Carolyn Molnar, author of Compassionate Messenger: True Stories from a Psychic Medium, and full-time medium with over 40 years of experience, was suddenly hospitalized for unknown reasons. Clues pointed to a mysterious neurological issue. Eventually she recovered, but to this day wonders…. What did that illness portend? And have others been similarly struck down?

Using science-based research and medical knowhow, Carolyn and three full-time mediums undergo qEEG testing as they conduct sessions for clients. The medium’s blood pressure, skin temperature and heart rate will also be noted, with results to be analyzed by certified healthcare professionals. Next, the mediums conduct a séance in a haunted mansion to document how their brainwaves change when contacting the spirit world.

Who We Are
Four credible full-time Canadian mediums with decades of experience, hoping to advance the understanding and credibility of mediumship through science: Carolyn Molnar, Marilyn Mazzotta, Chris Stillar and Arlene Vance. The documentary is directed by Daniel McGuire (Aim High) and produced by Maria Gagliardi, Black Ram Media Group (Aim High), with Creative Producer, Andy Fraser.

What We Need and What You Get
The director, mediums, sitters and production crew are in place. This crowd funding request is integral to our success. You can make our vision come to life! We are ready to start filming!
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    We are pleased at how our crew – writers, researchers, and other individuals – are generously lending their expertise to this project. We are dedicated to making this documentary come to life. You can make our dream project a reality with your support.
    Canadian documentaries need more international exposure. Help us showcase and celebrate credible and gifted Canadian talent.

The Impact
Millions of people are questioning their life’s purpose while embracing their spirituality. They want to know about the afterlife. What happens after they pass away – and what becomes of their loved ones? People with these questions often turn to mediums for answers.
    Is mediumship real? Can the afterlife be proven? This documentary will test those questions. The results achieved through QEEG readings, scientific observation and direct experience are sure to be profound.
    This film will be talked about for years to come.

Other Ways You Can Help!
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