Carolyn Recommends


Books to support the medium:

Compassionate Messenger:  True Stories From A Psychic Medium (2010) Carolyn Molnar

It Is Time:  Knowledge from The Other Side (2003) Carolyn Molnar





Reference Tools:





For the Romantic In You with a twist of the Paranormal:


Susanna Kearsley (Canadian Romance Author)




Jane Ann Krentz



Victoria Laurie is a Psychic by Trade.  She wrote “Psychic Eye Series” with Abby Cooper.  Abby is a professional psychic intuitive who has everyone else figured out far better than she has her own life managed. She knows all too well that being psychic doesn’t let her sidestep murder and mayhem – it just lets her know that it’s coming. 





Victoria Laurie’s Ghost Hunter Mystery Series:  M. J. Holliday is a spiritual medium who’s not afraid of a little adventure. Together with her BFF Gilley Gillespie, M. J. runs a ghostbusting business which often puts historical murder and mayhem front and center. 




Martha C. Lawrence (ELIZABETH CHASE MYSTERY Series):

Main character: Elizabeth Chase, Parapsychologist, Psychic Private Investigator, California



Nora Roberts:

Series:  The Calhoun Women



The Donovan Legacy:



The Gallaghers of Ardmore (Irish Trilogy)



The Key Series:



The Sign of Seven Trilogy:



The Three Sisters Triology:



The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy:


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