Brotherly Love

Martin had trouble expressing his feelings, and had kept his brother Phil at arm’s length all his life. Martin was a shrewd businessman; Phil taught high school English. Martin loved hockey; Phil thought it was a ridiculous sport. But when Phil died, Martin was devastated. What rattled him the most was receiving the news from a cousin that Phil had passed away, and not from Phil’s wife. Martin’s stoic veneer was rattled, leaving him full of guilt.

Martin had been my client for several years, and our “talky” sessions generally revolved around questions about business ventures. So when we began our latest Skype session with a few moments of eyes-downcast silence, I knew something was troubling him more than what might be done to bolster his portfolio.

“My brother recently passed away, and I feel I let him down by not being there for him more,” he said, then laughed to himself. “But you know, I never knew if he needed me, because he never called me.”

I felt the presence of Martin’s father, and repeated to Martin what the spirit said: “How often did you call him?”

Martin blew out a loud breath. “It was stomach cancer. I’m leaving town tomorrow. His funeral is in Seattle.”

I sensed Martin’s father sadly shaking his head. I wondered what would be the best way to pass on this information, when Martin pleaded, “Can you contact my brother for me? Can you tell him I’m sorry? And ask him if there’s any way I can make up everything I didn’t do?”

I centred myself and mentally asked Martin’s father and my guides to bring Phil closer. I received the impression that Phil was still “recovering” – that is, some people who have been very sick on this side of life need time to recover their energy in the spirit world. They need this energy to make contact with us in the physical world. This can also be true for long time sufferers of dementia before they passed.

“Martin,” I said, “you can connect with your brother by simply putting out your thoughts to him. And have faith he’ll receive your thoughts. Spirit tends to have a more ‘worldly’ viewpoint. Most in the spirit world view things through the lens of love. Look to your intention around your brother. By wishing for more connection during your lifetime, it shows you care.Martin thought for a minute, then thanked me and asked to end the session early – he didn’t feel like talking about business matters today.

He called early the next morning before leaving town. “It hurt me to do so, but I tried talking to him last night. At first I felt silly, shutting myself in the bedroom and talking to an empty room while my wife was downstairs watching the news.”

“How did you feel about that?” I asked.

“I pray he heard and understood me.”

I told Martin he did a wonderful thing, and felt that even if Phil didn’t immediately respond, his brother heard him. “Keep reaching out to him out of love, and rely on faith and trust. You may even meet him soon in your dreams. And now, I don’t need to be psychic to know you’ve got a flight to catch.”

“Right,” he said, and hung up before I could even wish him a bon voyage. Martin had a long flight ahead of him, however I hoped he’d have a much shorter distance to go to reconnect with Phil and his brother’s family.

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