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When I opened the email attachment and saw the photograph Toni had sent, my breath caught in my throat. A wash of sadness flowed over me, even though the photo showed a wizened grandmother with twinkling eyes and a cherubic smile. I had to look away and focus on something in my office – anything. And then I wondered how could I ever hope to give Toni a reading?

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Just as doctors read medical journals to discover the latest therapies and treatments, and lawyers keep abreast of the latest rulings by consulting LexisNexis and legal periodicals, I too am always searching for ways to improve my readings. To paraphrase Buddhist philosopher Ram Dass: If you’re not always seeking something new, you’re just staying in the same place.

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  The first thing Byron said when I picked up the receiver to begin our telephone session was, “I’ve checked you out.” Instead of being taken aback by his comment, I congratulated him for doing his homework.



I just finished reading a wonderful novel about parallel universes, past lives, philosophical ideas and profound spiritual insights: Aleph, by Paulo Coelho, one of my favourite authors. If you’ve never heard of this Brazilian writer, I suggest picking up The Alchemist, a slim, easy-to-read book that’s energized millions of hearts and minds worldwide.

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Brotherly Love

Martin had trouble expressing his feelings, and had kept his brother Phil at arm’s length all his life. Martin was a shrewd businessman; Phil taught high school English. Martin loved hockey; Phil thought it was a ridiculous sport. But when Phil died, Martin was devastated. What rattled him the most was receiving the news from a cousin that Phil had passed away, and not from Phil’s wife. Martin’s stoic veneer was rattled, leaving him full of guilt.

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