Be Prepared!

A few days ago, I had back-to-back sessions that were as opposite as chalk and cheese. Reflecting on them later, I recalled the feature in the children’s magazine Highlights: “Goofus and Gallant”, which illustrated the wrong way and the right way to act in a situation. So, as a service to anyone considering seeing a psychic/medium, I present the “Goofus and Gallant” of how to prepare for your appointment so you can get the best experience in your session.

Kitty (not her real name) was late for her telephone session because she did not read her confirmation email. “Was I supposed to call you?” she finally responded when, after waiting five minutes, I emailed her: I’m ready for your session. “Oh,” she replied, “I thought you were going to call me.”

When we finally connected, Kitty was more negative than a temperature below zero. “Oh,” she said, “I don’t think this is going to work.” Sensing her apprehensiveness, I chatted with her for a few moments to get her to relax.

Then she said, “Tell me what you’re getting.” Saying that to a psychic medium is like meeting a doctor and asking, “How do I feel?” The doctor can’t tell what’s going on with you unless you give the physician a list of concerns. Similarly, I ask my clients to come to the session with a list of questions so I can zero right in on how I can best be of service. It’s also helpful to bring a photo of who you’d like to hear from, so I can zoom right in on that spirit energy.

Well, I did my best to tune into Kitty and describe the various energies that were presenting themselves. “Nope,” she quickly dismissed, “nope” and “that’s inaccurate.” I asked Kitty to note what I was saying in mind, because she may remember something later. (I can’t tell you how many clients emailed me later, saying something like, “Oh, that was Cousin Fred!” or “What you said didn’t make sense then, but now I understand!”)

Our session was two minutes from ending when Kitty suddenly blurted out, “Am I going to fail?” Before I could concentrate on that, she exclaimed, “Is he going to love me?”

I told her I wish she had asked those questions at the top of our session, because then I could better tailor her appointment to address her concerns. As it was, my next client was already waiting for me to admit her on Zoom. Kitty left the session unhappy. Ah well, I thought, there goes a bad Yelp review.

Where Kitty was unprepared, Catherine was the kind of client we mediums dream of.

An hour before Catherine’s session, she emailed me a photograph of her teenage daughter, now in spirit. She greeted me with a smile, which put me at ease – even after giving readings for more than 40 years, I still feel a bit nervous before readings, as I’m a perfectionist and want to do my best for my clients.

Concentrating on the photo, I mentally said a quick prayer to centre myself and asked my guides to help connect me to the girl’s spirit. After a moment, I described to Catherine the energy I was sensing, and Catherine agreed that was her daughter. Then Catherine’s mother in spirit popped in to say she was with the daughter, and proceeded to give Catherine some personal information. As the session progressed, Catherine asked a few written questions she had brought with her, and I responded with information I received from spirit in my inner ear.

As our time drew to a close, Catherine thanked me and I thanked her for sharing her family members with me making my day a little brighter.

I won’t say that every session I have runs smoothly, or every client leaves as happily fulfilled as Catherine. Some sessions are tough, both for me and the sitter: not all people have lived peaceful lives, or leave the Earth plane in a graceful way. Occasionally I encounter spirit people who, for one reason or another, don’t wish to connect with those they left behind – and vice versa.

But I always try to do my best. So, please, help me all you can, so I can better provide the help and support you ask for – as well as provide the help and support your spirit people need who want to connect with you.

If you have any questions or comments on this subject or on any other spiritual matter, feel free to contact me. And please visit me again!

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